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    Talk to me about......Vitos!

    Hi all, Looking at getting a van as I am doing more and more bike trackdays so need to be able to get around and not rely on mates! Have been told by a good friend of mine the VW and Merc are the way to go for a reliable van, and that lead me to Vitos. So, please tell me, whats good...
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    Can you upload routes to 2010 W204 Comand?

    Hi all, Going on a trip and I wanted to upload a custom route to the nav. I currently have it all set and ready to go in my garmin, but I thought this may be able to be uploaded to the Comand via the USB cable in the glovebox? But there again maybe it can't as I did a search and couldn't...
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    Time for more power!

    So i am looking for a bit more power for my 2010 C63. Thinking about a map (obvious route!) an I know of eurocharged. They have quoted me £850 for the handheld and £695 if I go to them. I quite like the idea of being able to put the car back to stock when it goes in for a service. Are...
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    Friendly dealer?

    Hi all, My best mates dad is looking at possibly a new GLA or and X4. Does anyone know of a friendly Merc dealer? Trying to talk him into the Merc!! Cheers! Tom
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    C63 AMG Bumper Pre FL Calcite White

    Hi all, I'm after a front bumper, preferably in calcite white, for my pre FL (2010) C63. My unfortunate run in with a pheasant two weeks into ownership left two cracks and they are slowly getting bigger. I will be getting a bodyshop quote this week hopefully. South UK preferred but can...
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    New owner

    Hi! Got my C63 a month ago, and it's been a pretty wild ride so far! The car is a 2010 saloon in Calcite White with the 19" wheels. Absolutely love it. I have come from a BMW 130i and the silky smooth 6 cylinder, but the noise was too much to resist! The car when I picked it up Two weeks...
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