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    My genius handheld by dimsport

    Used once Used to load and unload and store the map on you mercedes Cost nearly 200.00 new Looking for 100.00 plus shippibg
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    C63 amg coupe to black series conversion...gone

    With a heavy heart the black conversion has gone to a new home So much has changed since the project was started and couldnt justify tying up that much money in a car Has been a traumatic build the like of which i doubt anyone will undertake New owner is sure to be on here soon as he has a...
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    C63 AMG COUPE CONVERSION to Black series

    My car is up for sale in the for sale ads:eek::eek: not in a rush and please no comments on price as that is the price i would take otherwise i will keep the car and some may think its good some will not but pls respect my rqst PLEASE NO SILLY OFFERS ABOUT HOW YOU WILL DO ME A FAVOUR AND TAKE...
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    C63 AMG COUPE CONVERSION to Black series

    I have decided to sell my project......£45000.00.......... Please please no comments/opinions about price this is a for sale ad 2014 C63 amg converted to Black series body Car is MiNT condition Spec as follows Bodywork Full Black series conversion using all orig Mb Panels except bonnet...
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    C63 amg detailed by prestige detail luton

    Car built by Adam Lord of Arl coachworks Detailed by Presige Detail in Derek
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    Prestige detailing luton c63

    Car built by Arl coachworks ,,,Adam Lord Detailed by Derek at Prestige detail in luton Check out facebook page for Prestige detail in luton gtechnix crystal and exo top coat
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    Trax 2017

    Was going to ask if there was going to be a club stand but just noticed they have moved it to October???really almost guaranteed to be pissing down and cold ...shame was looking forward to bringing thunderbird 1 out to play
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    C63 amg coupe conversion

    C63 amg coupe conversion to Black Series spec Hope this link works as car is finally after 17 months back with me Adam Lord at Arl coachworks has done a amazing job converting the body to a Black series spec using virtually all orig mercedes parts.If you have a crazy idea and want 1st...
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    MSL and Arl coachworks

    Just a quick comment on these 2 companies firstly Arl coachworks aka Adam Lord quality of work outstanding and commitment to the customer outstanding Adam rescued my car from the clutches of the wicked witches of the east well Watford actually and completed my project while taking a huge hit...
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    After an eternity my c63 amg immitation black series

    After 14 Months of Eurocharged doing their best to drive me insane i now present Thunderbird 1 CLICK ON THE PIC Adam from Arl coachworks has been a lifesaver after the fiasco at Eurocharged and has created a one off
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    Carbon fibre steering wheel

    While waiting patiently(not) for my missing part from mercedes benz thought i would update my steering
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    Appalling support from Mercedes

    I am currently undergoing a black series conversion to my c63 coupe using all orig equip Over 9weeks ago we ordered a part for the inner arch and was given a 8week delivery date,not ideal but hey ho **** happens Delivery date has come and gone and no one between here and MUnich can give any...
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    Mercedes Benz Newcastle

    Decided i wanted a c63 black gear shifter and gaiter with red stitching tried mb brooklands and you would have thought i was asking for a kidney as they had to discuss selling me one Mb newcastle no problem gave price delivery date and processed order with no fuss..I dont like to feel...
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    c63 507 look alloys brand new mpss tyres

    my previous set up of brand new mpss 255r and 235 f and 507 look alloys these tyres have literally 150 miles use and the alloys are totally unmarked as well 700.00 NO OFFERS wheels currently with Eurocharged in Watford and can be couriered at buyers expense
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    C63 coupe carbon boot spoler

    Due my project considering changing to the black series one so my bootlip Boca carbon spoler is fgor sale 200.00 plus shipping
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    Fi titan blue exhaust tips

    Due to new project have my titan blue exhaust tips for sale Look spectacular and sorry to be loosing them 100.00 See my thread weistecsago Post 156 in amg lounge
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    C63 Replica 507 alloys with brand new mpss

    Due to upcoming project I may sell my unmarked 507 replica alloys and brand new mpss three Tyres are brand new and cost 700 pounds new The alloys are gloss black with machined lip and fit perfect with no rubbing I want 800.00 pounds plus shipping On holiday so can't load pics there's a...
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    2014 c63 amg bumpers incl Boca carbon

    Prospective project coming up so have my 2014 facelift front and rear bumpers including Boca carbon rear diffuser and front splitter these are like new and if you need the bumpers in a different colour that can be arranged for a small fee looking for 300.00 for each bumper
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    Projex 507 bonnet vent and new fi exhaust

    Just picked up my c63 from Projex fitting my 507 bonnet vents and carbon interior very pleased with result allong with my new FI exhaust with Titan blue tips from Eurocharged Big thanks to the guys at Eurocharged for getting my car to this stage and to James at Projex for...
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    Back up for sale 2014 c63 amg multispokes

    Totally unmarked with good tyres readvertised due no pick up from previous purchaser Pick up only from surrey or purchaser pays shipping cost £800.00 FOR THE WHEELS AND 150.00 FOR THE TYRES
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