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    Export from Comand

    Is this something that was introduced with the updated Comand? I have the one with PCMCIA (not Comand Online). Looked at the Comand guide, can't see anything about exporting, only importing. Think I'm out of luck.
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    Export from Comand

    Hi all, I'm about to change my W204 with Comand, and ideally I'd like to be able to export the addresses from the SatNav. is this possible ?
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    W204 rear air vent removal / replacement

    Thanks for that info TonCornel. Going to see if I can th unit removed on the weekend. Meanwhile I've spoken to a local indie (Auto Class), I've been quotes £83 for supply and fit ( about £40 for the part ). I may just let the Indy have a go, and take some pocket money off my daughter.
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    W204 rear air vent removal / replacement

    Hi all, My daughter has managed to snap the little lever on the rear air vent (between drivers and passengers seats). Something has snapped (come off) and there's a piece moving around inside. I've been looking for instructions on how to remove the air vent unit so I can see if the piece has...
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    C63 amg black series - chris harris tweet.

    Who is this infamous Chris ?
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    C63 amg black series - chris harris tweet.

    I assume you don't mean the one over Kingston way ? The one over at Tongwell ? Is there a customer center there then ?
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    W205 C63 AMG Spyshots

    Bumping an old-ish thread, but I've been forwarded a link to what is supposed to be uncovered shots of the W205 ??????? Is this for real ??????????????
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    New W204 recall ... injector loom / harness

    When I was in my local dealer on Friday for a couple of new tyres, I was told about a new "service campaign" for my s204 that I've had from new. Advised work needs doing ASAP, no mention of risk, only that it relates to either injector loom or harness. Any ideas? This is not the 'other'...
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    2012 E Class grill options

    All, MB seem to have two variants of grill ... One with the (large) star in the grill, and a flat badge on the bonnet, and another with the 'standy up' badge (there has to be a better name for it than that?). I'm looking at - 2012 E Class Sport (probably E350), but I don't like the grill (with...
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    C350cdi hesitation when moving off

    Found this thread when looking for the answer "does the brake hold feature now appear on all the MB range ?" I've got a 2009 (pre facelift) C250 and it does not have the brake hold feature. I had a 10 plate S350 loaner a while ago, and that did (of course). So I'm looking to see if all models...
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    E Class .. exhausts in rear bumber on which varients?

    Hi all, I popped along to Audi, BMW and MB today to look at the successor to the C250 Sport I've had for 2 years. Aside from being sent to sleep in Audi (although the A7 is a nice looking car) and ignored because I seemingly wasn't Chav enough in BMW (although the wife liked the X6 and 5GT)...
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    c250 cgi vs c250 cdi facelift 2011 model

    I've been looking at this very topic ... but with the C350 - wondering if I needed to stay with diesel, or if I could go petrol. I always thought petrol models were cheaper than derv units. The opposite according to MB. C350 Estate, (petrol: £37,740.00 C350 CDI Estate (diesel) : £35,830.00...
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    Summary of new / refreshed MB's over the next 12 / 18 months

    Hi all, Does anyone have a list of any refreshes to the C or E Class lineup over the next 12 / 18 months ? C Class has had a refresh not so long ago, so I expect this to stay for the next 2 years maybe, but E Class has been left behind, and appears to be in need of a facelift to match the C...
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    How many gears have I got?

    40k miles, and I've had it from new (just over 2 years). Clearing the settings? I've not heard of this .. is this covered in the manual?
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    How many gears have I got?

    That would explain it then. I think I must have got confused with the manual (which I think is six speed ?) Actually, I was tempted on an exchange to a 2012 C350 or E350, one of the reasons was FOR the 7 speed box, which I thought was silky smooth (according to reviews). I've been less than...
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    How many gears have I got?

    I knew I explained it badly.
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    How many gears have I got?

    I have a 59 plate C250 (pre-facelift), and was under the impression that I have 5 manual gears and 6 auto gears. If this is correct, how come the following happens? If I put the car in manual mode, I can manually select 1 thru 5 sequentially. I'm good with this. If I put the car in auto...
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    Totally free CAP car valuations!

    2year old c250sport (with toys which the valuation does not take into account), 32,000 miles, £15k. This car was £36k new from the dealer. Wowsers.
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    Replacement Windscreen "rippling" effect

    Cheers guys ... AG have a batch of about 200 screens for the C Class it seems - and they suspect it could be down to a bad batch. They're also trying to get me a dealer sourced windscreen, but said I'd have to wait until January (Backorder). Spoke to the insurance (Direct Line) who could'nt...
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    Replacement Windscreen "rippling" effect

    All, Autoglas have replaced my W204 Windscreen a few weeks ago. Almost immeadiately I noticed that whilst looking through the passenger side, the scenery had a "rippling" effect; as if looking through a thin film of water. The result was that the scenary etc was distored whilst driving - the...
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