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    W202 C200 breaking, some time this year.

    Parts still available. All 5 doors and bonnet in Azurite, vgc, £400.
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    Sad news: our Hotrodder

    Evening chaps, some sad news I'm afraid. After spending time on other forums the past few months, I'm sad to say that I found out that member Hotrodder passed away, 3 years ago. He always gave spot on W124 advice and was a legend on welding matters. I'm raising my glass to Hotrodder, do join me.
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    W115: Clutch/ Master/ Slave Cylinder Rebuild Needed?

    It sounds hydraulic, all external to the 'box. There is a MB measuring tool that's applied to the clutch slave rod to indicate the extent of clutch wear. I have a copy tool that I've yet to use. The dimensions required are in most manuals. If you're paying for a 'box removal and reinstatement...
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    Recommendations Needed: Greater London Area Classic bodyshop

    What's his hourly rate? Did you try the place I suggested?
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    W210 Suspension Re-Build Parts

    you doing the front and rear? I had a new pair of Lemforder and Febi front LCAs for sale for 18 months on here before selling them on ebay for £150. Might still have some bits that could be of interest...
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    Got to love eBay at times...

    Q. "What's your best price?" A. "A really high one / the auction winner's bid".
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    Rebuilding a $500 Porsche 911 in your backyard

    Ingenious use of wood there, nice one! Not sure I buy into the '$500' ? Any yard would extract the max value out of its exotic spoils, so off to a Specialist?
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    Very watchable vids, good find! I'll watch out for his rear arch refurb. I'd have dialled in the (very good) R-Tech MIG on the bench first, mind. For much nicer beads. I wouldn't be grinding them flush for the 'invisible look' on the underside.
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    W210 boot locked and won't open

    I'd keep at it with un-seizing the mechanical lock. You'll need it to work properly sometime hence.
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    Phillip Schofield...

    I'm IBGT; the weld is my Ginster, spatter ye not!
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    Phillip Schofield...

    We really need the Mercedes Source video$ for some moral guidance here. Old Mr Grace said Kent's bent.
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    Window seals...

    I see you bought my friend's car then?
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    W123 230E 5 Speed at a bargain!

    123s are the very masters of 'appearing solid'. Needs a right good probe around, lifted up.
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    Bleeding SLS on w123 estate

    IIRC it's done by re-positioning the lever on the SLS valve spindle.
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    Bleeding SLS on w123 estate

    They're filled with Nitrogen and they leak when the rubber diaphragm perishes. This turns the SLS fluid 'frothy' and the main reservoir level drops as the fluid fills up the space in the spheres. Only solution is to buy new ones.
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    diesel glow plug replacement parts

    The bigger story here seems like they're bullshitters.
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    W202 AMG Boot badge

    My copies came off with a thin piece of plastic, really easily. For proper adhesive, hairdryer and dental floss.
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    diesel glow plug replacement parts

    Just by the Beru plugs elsewhere.
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    ECU Sockets soldered wrong. HELP!

    I think that's done when the EPROM is re-written with the altered map?
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    Battered W124 260E/300E Sportline 5-speed - purchasing advice

    Welcome! That's a parts car, IMO. It's way to rough to warrant a restoration project, unless it was an E500. HTH.
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