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  1. Mike Walker

    E220 Coupe W124 Azurite Blue Cream Leather interior

    If I could send you a message on here I would but I can't see how to yet. Pm if you know how and I can respond. Cheers Mike Walker
  2. Mike Walker

    MB Factory trip

    Indeed there is and a free ride on one around a purpose built all terrain track is available too. The one we went in was almost brand new and can go up 1/1 slopes with ease - backwards and forwards. Great experience and well worth a detour :bannana:
  3. Mike Walker

    Congratulations Pauline and Olly

    My best wishes to you both.
  4. Mike Walker

    MB Factory trip

    Did a similar trip on the way to Techno Classica earlier in the year. Couldn't do the MB Factory visit but did the Porsche one which was excellent. Visited both Porsche and MB museums and the 4 of us felt Porsche was better. I agree with Calvin that the de-restricted motorway sections are...
  5. Mike Walker

    My steering lock went down

    I have posted previously about the same topic with my '58 W204 C220cdi Estate. Cost best part of £1000 and had to be carried out by a MB Dealership due to security issues as noted above. Car was in Herefordshire and I live in Kent so had to be relayed whilst I drove home in a hire car at my cost.
  6. Mike Walker

    The Football Thread

    It hurts to say it but I am inclined to agree :doh:
  7. Mike Walker

    The Football Thread

    What a shocking "performance" from ****nil. Even Thierry Henry was critical. Good to see the Chelski boys winning again and keeping a clean sheet, although Everton didn't have a shot on target apparently.
  8. Mike Walker

    New forth road bridge

    Another superb piece of Engineering albeit by a Consortium of Companies across Europe rather than UK only. Design of the wind barriers is very special and should allow lorries and buses to cross in even at highest wind speeds. I watched a news article on this last night and it appears that...
  9. Mike Walker

    Update your sat-nav for just £99 - promo from MB

    Yep still waiting here but please don't worry. Will go to the Dealer next week and ask them what they can do and for how much.
  10. Mike Walker

    Update your sat-nav for just £99 - promo from MB

    I used the form and am now waiting for the call.......
  11. Mike Walker

    Domestic discord -again.

    I have a '58 plate C220cdi Elegance estate. If you search my previous posts you will find a note about the steering lock failing which cost £1k to put right. Engine still sounds like a London Taxi imho but now on 97k miles and still going strong. Mine has leather, parktronic f&b, Linguatronic...
  12. Mike Walker

    Update your sat-nav for just £99 - promo from MB

    Good stuff Penelope and thanks for posting.
  13. Mike Walker

    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    88 HM on a Bentley parked on the drive next door.
  14. Mike Walker

    w204 recall.

    Interesting as per a previous post mine failed recently and cost best part of £1K to have it fixed. MB said was security critical and parts could only be obtained from Germany and fitted by them Main Dealer too.
  15. Mike Walker

    On the correct choice of reading matter for train journeys

    The car I enquired about but you beat me to it.
  16. Mike Walker

    Your day in three words.

    A service completed.
  17. Mike Walker

    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    1 DOC on a Porsche Cayenne in Farningham Kent earlier today
  18. Mike Walker

    Your day in three words.

    Looked at SL
  19. Mike Walker

    Fitting M103 3 litre into W201 fitted with M103 2.6litre

    Mike at MB Medway is in the process of fitting a 5.0 litre engine from an E Class into a W201 190. Can talk to him or put you in touch if that helps at all? Mike
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