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  1. y13pmc

    after marker arg bushes

    hi all anyone know where i can source some rear arb bushes for a w211 2004 e320cdi thanks pete
  2. y13pmc

    W211 E320 CDI Sport - lowering advice

    hi had new merc springs fitted to rear w211 elegance it sat up like a dragster fitted 40mm lowering springs and it only came down 1/2 inch (strange) still looks like a dragster regards pete
  3. y13pmc

    boot opening

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  4. y13pmc

    boot opening

    grreetings just jet washed car now boot dose not open unless with key number plate lights out 3rd brake light out , is there a fuse or should i just let dry out on own regards pete
  5. y13pmc

    surging revs

    greetings my e320 cdi 04 has developed the revs surging up and down when cold when temp has been reached it runs fine any ideas folks regards pete
  6. y13pmc

    211 air con

    sounds like a duo valve problem cheap to buy from mercedes pain to put in had same problem last year now works brill pete
  7. y13pmc

    Hi I`m a new member saying hello

  8. y13pmc

    Decent indi in North Lincs?

    yes macleods brigg 01652 658216 tell john pete carpet man sent you
  9. y13pmc

    Happy Yorkshire day

    we can all dream (rotherham)
  10. y13pmc

    Happy Yorkshire day

    happy yorkshire day from the home of football
  11. y13pmc

    Fitting an AMG Rear Box to a Diesel

    quad exhaust done this to mine
  12. y13pmc


    hi mr auto its from set off and always there you can just feel it through body of car and only when your foot is on gas take foot off and coast not there pete
  13. y13pmc


    hi have got slight vibration coming through chassie only under load take foot off gas and gone propshaft bearing ??? had new engine mounts trans mount new tyres wheel alinement ok any ideas driving me mad regards pete
  14. y13pmc

    Mileages for E320 CDi straight 6 ????

    2004 e320 w211 120000 miles still purring
  15. y13pmc

    Not happy!

    yeh i got an a class when car was serviced wife said she loved it so i hit her with a wet fish ha ha pete
  16. y13pmc

    pure highway

    hi spx its 2004 found to be faulty cable thanks pete
  17. y13pmc

    pure highway

    hi just purchased a pure highway the problem i have it works fine in my van through cig lighter but won't work in my e320 w211 cig lighter is the vaultage different or some other problem regards pete
  18. y13pmc

    LongLife quad exhaust conversion CLK55 AMG

    got them fitted on my 320 w211 been on about 6 months just keep on top of rust forming otherwise fine pete
  19. y13pmc

    Automatic changes jerky.

    try some dr tranny shudder fix can get it on ebay my e320 had a judder had aft changed and flushed separate cooler installed but did not fix problem 2 tubes of shudder fix in the aft drove for 1/2 mile now smooth as a babes bum pete
  20. y13pmc

    WARNING! Front springs snapping on 211's

    yeh mine just snapped this morning what a pain
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