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  1. ihandyman

    How much is a..... Does this fit....... - Ask Your Questions In Here

    thanks very much :thumb: I do not have a ebay account and I was wandering if is anyone out there that my will to help me out?! regards sonny
  2. ihandyman

    Dare I say it, any bikers on MBClub?

    R1150GSA and Suzuki Gn 125 love them very much:thumb:
  3. ihandyman

    My W203 back from the bodyshop

    looks great:thumb:
  4. ihandyman

    How much is a..... Does this fit....... - Ask Your Questions In Here

    Hi I will like by a original MB radio caset for W202 ! Any one knows where from ? I need your help please, Thanks.
  5. ihandyman

    Today's the day!

    fantastic job!
  6. ihandyman

    Wheel re-furb on the C43

    Great job:thumb: , i love the wheels !
  7. ihandyman

    Thought you might be interested in this!

    Great link , I think that I now find the right place from where to get a reasonable knob.
  8. ihandyman

    Hi to you all

    Hi avantgarde and all , Here with a little pic. of my car! Is a hevi girl :) Thanks for your great advice regarding the photo bucket ;)
  9. ihandyman

    New Member says hello!

    Hi and welcome to the forum, I have to say that I just joined myself recently and this is my first welcome to anyone ;) Enjoy your stay and get comfortable but not to comfortable because you will be amazed on what good things you are going to find here and you will probably be be in and out...
  10. ihandyman

    Hi to you all

    Hi Again to you all , Thanks for askin, I am originally from Romania but from the last 15 years I live in UK , London and I am proud to say that I am British citizen :) Anyway I am in love with MB cars specially the older ones or anything before year 2000. So I look forward to make new friend...
  11. ihandyman

    Which oil and where from?

    That is a very good advice!!! I intend to do all the work myself and save lots of money by changing all the fluids and filters etc. And the car works like new ! I also change the oil every 5k M and touch wood so far so good and ! So yes you better prevent then to be sorry ;)
  12. ihandyman

    Having trouble installing this oem Air Inlet (w202)

    Hi It should be a very simple job really ! Serch on line for assambly diagram or look on the utube there are plenty options ;) You do not have to take the radiator off !
  13. ihandyman

    124 instrument cluster removal

    Excellent link !
  14. ihandyman

    Rustproofing review

    Very interesting ! Thanks for that.
  15. ihandyman

    Fuel tank help

    So Thanks for the help :doh: I guess that no one has the diagram :)
  16. ihandyman

    Anyone fancy a meet on SE London

    Hi Guys Sorry to highjack you post :) I do live in Sth London and I will like to know when and where you guys are meeting next ?! I will like to see some nice cars and also meet and make new friends if possible . Regards Sonny
  17. ihandyman

    Hi to you all

    Hi to my nearest Londoner :D
  18. ihandyman

    Fuel tank help

    Hi Guys I do not know if here is the right place to ask questions about my fuel tank ! So I have a small problem slightly dangerous ! My fuel tank is leaking a little bit , I do noticed all the time when I top up ! I been last year to MB in Croydon to have my MOT done and they also find...
  19. ihandyman

    ATF advice need

    Ok So today I been to MB and bought the service kit for ATF , I will try to give a go probably this weekend , the big problem is that I do not have a ramp but I do have a pair of small ramps that I bought them from Halfords last year but they are not that great as they intend to touch the front...
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