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    W124 bilstein b4 rear shock new

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    Could it be Big Ends?

    My BMW makes a similar noise and it's the air pump.To warm the cat quicker it injects air into the exhaust manifold for 2 minutes to super-heat the combustion gases.
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    whats the value of my car?

    See what Peter Crawley will bid you for it. He is partial to low mileage stock.
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    Merc Variable Valve Timing Vs Vanos

    This is a bit OT for a Mercedes forum, but there is a VANOS forum Notice how Americans are much more willing to get stuck in and try and repair complex machinery than the average Brit.
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    Merc Variable Valve Timing Vs Vanos

    That's caused by extended oil drains using rubbish semi-synthetic oils like Magnatec. The CCV valve needs to be working and not blocked with mayonnaise otherwise the car will start ingesting oil.
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    Merc Variable Valve Timing Vs Vanos

    It takes a DIY type like me with no experience the whole day to do. No special tools or coding are required because you are not altering the timing, just putting the old unit back on. BMW prefer to sell you a complete new unit because it works out 6000% more expensive ! The site I linked has...
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    Wheeler Dealers New Series 5

    The thread is about the series "wheeler dealers" not the programme you saw. I found the one about the 1980's SL interesting because there were plenty of detailed shots underneath the car etc. Most of the episodes are on Youtube.
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    Merc Variable Valve Timing Vs Vanos

    Only on certain M-series engines. I've never heard of mechanical failure on the BMW forums for IL6s. The seals on the other hand do need renewal. The procedure section of this website shows how to do it
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    Merc Variable Valve Timing Vs Vanos

    I've done some accurate calibrations on 2 BMW's and it's 8%.(petrol IL6 and V8) You can go into the hidden dash menu and apply the correction factor. Having done this the readout is remarkable accurate. I'm not sure about modern Mercs but the old variable valve timing on my E320 only had 3...
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    W202 Problems?

    What year is your car ? Early ones don't have MAFs.The airflow is measured in the throttle body assembly. Later cars have an electric rather than viscous fan which should only cut in occasionally. The fan control unit is located behind the NS wheel arch liner. A constantly running fan will...
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    W210 - 2001 - LIKE NEW! - £4500 - worth it?

    The problem buying from a trader is the car is likely to have had a quick blow over on top of the rust. I've never had much joy in stopping rust coming back, even grinding right back to shiny metal and nor will a bomb-site wideboy dealer.
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    Sock and awe Unfortunately I can only land 2 hits ....
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    Anyone know the trade price

    It lists cars right back to the early 90's so is the preferred choice for general traders. Glass's is more targeted for the retail environment dealing in newer stock. You can pick up last months copy of the CAP black book and Glass's on ebay. I used to subscribe to CAP until I realized Parkers...
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    Anyone know where is cheap insurence????

    I use swiftcover via a quote from search engine £133 comp for a group 18 car ! But.... your age means you may need to buy a car in a much lower insurance group to get a decent price.
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    Anyone know the trade price

    If you Check who publishes Parkers you may be surprised at the connection to a well known trade guide. Parkers PP valuation is a pretty accurate guide to auction prices for the occasional user. CAP and Glass's often have large variations and many traders use CAP, nothings cast in stone !
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    Anyone know the trade price

    Clink on my link, it's free and by the look of things current Glass's.
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    Anyone know the trade price

    Let us know how accurate these Vauxhall Glass's prices are pasted bellow.. Mercedes-Benz SL-Class SL500 5.0 Petrol 2-door Convertible 7 Speed Automatic Rear Wheel Drive Year: 2004 04 Mileage: 26,000 Estimated value of your car Part-exchange Price: Excellent condition: £22000 Average...
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    I'm not sure if this video has been posted before but this guy came incredibly close to being squished.....
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    MOT Costs?

    I pay £40 but did have to ask for a trade price. I use a motorcycle garage because they give you 2 weeks to fix a problem before doing the free re-test.
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    Snowing again in the SW

    Well, it's 3 am and there is 3 inches of snow settled here in sunny Somerset. I've lived here since 1992 and it's not settled before in march, in fact I can't recall march snow before. My honey bees are going to get a shock, yesterday was sunny and they were out in force collecting pollen.
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