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    Where has this Disaster Originated?
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    The Italian Job

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    help jetta 2 kjet to carb conversion

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    Signed delivery - just noticed damage, help!

    Will possibly hinge on the small print on the forms you signed? - which you have copies of?
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    Beirut mystery explosion

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    Synthetic or Semi ATF

    Best to refer to these gearbox liquids as fluids not oils. They are similar in many ways but engine oils contain components designed to cope with the products of combustion as well as providing lubrication
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    crank no start

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    Petrol EGR delete?

    SIMPLE ANSWER - the disadvantages vastly outweigh any advantages --anyone who says otherwise hasn't thought it through. In todays increasingly complex engine management systems to achieve certain emission standards such ad hoc modifications are going to open any owner to a world of pain [...
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    The other Merc club?!

    Exactly WHICH CAR are you interested in? It may be listed elsewhere
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    Alternator Refurbishment

    Depending on what was wrong with it repair may also be an option. THINGS THAT GO WRONG--- overrrun pulley--bearings---- rectifier diodes-----brushes/ voltage regulator pack Depending on location - removal replacement cost may also be significant---some are even water cooled. I would get the...
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    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    Its an ill wind---- 🤔
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    crank no start

    Fraid not- it basically gets a timing signal from the crank position sensor and together with input from other sensors modifies its stored advance curve. based on that it fires the coil thro a power transistor/s which can overheat. If it fails there is usually no spark at all
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    crank no start

    Not really --they can't be repaired-- best plan is to pick up a working one second hand -warning they are not all the same= different advance curves dependent on part no. testing best achieved by temporary substitution if you can borrow one.
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    Best Classic Merc Servicing in Midlands W124 Carburettor Pierberg 175 CD

    another thread link
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    crank no start

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    crank no start

    If its a single cam distributor M103 its probably the EZL ignition unit. Classic symptoms--- the unit is heat-sinked to the inner wing with conductive paste which dries out and the unit overheats intermittantly then finally fails completely- lots of posts on here if you search EZL scrap that if...
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    Best Classic Merc Servicing in Midlands W124 Carburettor Pierberg 175 CD
  18. grober

    Best Classic Merc Servicing in Midlands W124 Carburettor Pierberg 175 CD

    You are looking for a garage with one of these in regular use- forget digital fault code readers- you are still in the analogue era.
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    Best Classic Merc Servicing in Midlands W124 Carburettor Pierberg 175 CD

    It may pay you to cast the net a bit wider as several other makes [ audi volvo ford ?]used similar carburettors. Perhaps the question to ask of any garage would be their familiarity with Pierberg carbs rather than Mercedes? Do a search on here for similar threads remember W124 Pierburg /...
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    Beirut mystery explosion

    West Fertilizer Company explosion - Wikipedia Such events not confined to the Middle East. An enquiry found it to be the result of a criminal act by person/s unspecified -- which is convenient for those who would normally be "the usual suspects" = the plant operator While its understandable...
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