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    SL500 with AMG kit £10,450

    Not been on here for ages..... no Mercedes of our own now. This is my Dads... 3rd car and just not used, garaged and covered. 500SL - Owned for 9.5 years by my father - 46,000miles - Silver with anthracite leather, full factory fitted AMG bodykit, updated front grill. MOT November 2016...
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    Geneva Show 2014 the Mercs

    no idea what this was? smart for a van !! Lights up !!
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    Geneva show 2014 part 2 pictures

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    Geneva Show 2014 Pictures Part 1

    Hello Hope all is well, too busy these days to be on here as 30mins turns into all night.... :) As usual though pictures from this yrs show. New S class superb inside, we loved the Mini concept estate and the new Range Rover Lwb :) Managed to blag a drink in the VIP lounge of RR which was...
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    The Official Happy Christmas Thread! :)

    Have a Great Christmas everyone and drive safe over the festive break. Hope you all get what you wanted :) We have just put our two little ones to bed after sprinkling reindeer dust outside and leaving the mince pie etc...They are so excited Its going to be a great day !!!
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    New GL350.

    I like that but then I liked the 'old' one Seems the ML has only just been changed and now changing again. The new one not very popular at all? Hardly see any compared to the W163 and W164
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    Lamborghini huracan - official

    Looks a bit to 'normal' after some of the past Lambos so who else had the Countach LP5000 QV as a poster when little :)
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    RR Sport TDV8 vs ML V8 CDi

    I would like the ML420Cdi to be honest best of all worlds. I just couldn't get my head round the fuel on the 63 as much as it must be fun, I'm currently averaging 24mpg and the fuel needle seems to move round the dial far too quickly. Two school drop offs in two parts of town then me to...
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    Range Rover Drivers

    It's even nicer when you see it...the paint sparkles... it feels and look so much better than any other car he was looking at in so much as it looks 'worth' the money...feels special. the wood / alloy trim / leather all feels so much better quality than the ML it replaced, he looked at a...
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    RR Sport TDV8 vs ML V8 CDi

    Hello My dad has a RR TDv8 and I have his ML320Cdi. The ML after my E class S211 I like, suits our needs, feels very safe. lots of nice extras also. Mpg 25 to 33, goes ok but then the S211 had the brabus D6 which I may fit to the ML. Quality wise its good in so much as no squeaks etc but...
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    Range Rover Drivers

    My dads fairly new toy is a RR after having many many mercs ( I bought his ML off him) don't worry he still has a SL500 for sunny days.. Have to say its like wafting round in your lounge so maybe the owners simply forget they are driving on a road :) His is a TDv8 and as you say its no...
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    Bluetooth device for playing your phone through speakers.

    Thanks for that, Seems almost the same thing though so maybe worth a try the £8 one?
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    WANTED thule roof bar wind deflector

    Hello Search the bay, think mine was from USA but even posted was around £55 I need to modify it to fit the ML bars but this is on my E class The rack on that C class looks like its ben fitted very far forward? but guess that's the look?
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    Bluetooth device for playing your phone through speakers.

    Hello I currently have this command system, no idea what model etc? it does have a 30pin iphone connector in glove box also. I've had the iphone 5 for a while and just seen this gizmo. Can I plug this into the 30 pin glove box lead and play the music through my phone. Saves reaching across...
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    Fast Car, Young Driver, Inevitable Insurance

    "On the positive side, at least he's got petrol in his veins :thumb:" Your current brum brum isn't helping him either I bet !!! :)
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    Will roof bars off a GL or ML163 fit a ML164?

    The code for the GL bars starts A164..... so I guess should fit?
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    Fountain Pens. Do we have any experts?

    Montblanc also although and I don't know this.... Is there a ladies version? as I have one and its weighty, not sure a lady would suit it? I like it as it gives it feel. So maybe best to try and hold before buying? Trouble is I'm always worried I may lose it so hardly actually use it !
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    Fast Car, Young Driver, Inevitable Insurance

    I started with a Mini to get the no claims up but at 19 had a 205Gti... loved it !!! Drove it quicker than any much quicker cars I have had since, no ABS, no traction, no anything really but driving Minis gets you used to fwd cars pretty well. Still think the 205Gti is a great shape by...
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    C63 drives down east finchley road every morning

    My first CLS63 Shooting brake was spotted the other day, I say spotted, it was heard first as I was at the front of the house and I heard the distinctive sound of something rather powerful... Looking up it was a black flash of CLS, giving it beans :) great stuff. I live on a quite...
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