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  1. AMGeed

    CLS Shooting Brake 2015 (X218) - wheel & tyre advice

    Welcome to the forum. The link below shows you all the OEM alloys that are available for your CLS. The measurements are there too, but for ease you obviously need Mercedes fitment which is as follows. 66.6 Centre bore, PDC 112, Front ET (offset) 35 Rear ET 48...
  2. AMGeed

    Sad news

    Thank you for letting the forum know of your sad loss Janet. Sincere condolences and best wishes to you.
  3. AMGeed

    What is everyone having for dinner tonight?

    BBQ tonight. Chicken Tikka, burgers, sausages, balti curry with potatoes/green pepper/mushrooms tomatoes and onions. new potatoes, garlic bread, salad and washed down with Peroni's followed by New York cheescake with homemade strawberry jam glaze and chocolate birthday cake. Daughter # 1 is 33...
  4. AMGeed

    The Football Thread

    Do you even know which team I follow?
  5. AMGeed

    Here kitty!

    Will do Steve.:thumb:
  6. AMGeed

    The Football Thread

    But 16 years since winning the one that matters.......................the Premier league title;).
  7. AMGeed

    E class model features

    Those are both part of the memory package which is an option, and not automatically fitted to all 2014-2016 E class models. It is fitted to the E63 as standard. Look for Option # 275 on the datacard to see if its fitted.
  8. AMGeed

    Happy Birthday, BIG UN

    Happy Birthday Big fella.
  9. AMGeed

    First detail on the E63 (Photo heavy)

    Yes, it's variable speed.
  10. AMGeed

    Here kitty!

    It's a small world Steve. My sister has lived in Khalifa city since her husband built a villa there back in 2008. I visit most years. It's not a bad place to live if you can stand the heat.
  11. AMGeed

    Where has this Disaster Originated?

    Or just put them to sleep like an old pet.
  12. AMGeed

    Here kitty!

    Just thought I'd share some photos of a white tiger cub my niece in the UAE has hand reared at her veterinary clinic. What an experience handling this animal before it got too big. It's now been moved to an outdoor wild animal sanctuary in Al Ain.
  13. AMGeed

    How about this Benz AMG body kit?

    Its OK, but probably has fitment issues like most far east aftermarket accessories.
  14. AMGeed

    Where has this Disaster Originated?

    ^ Probably refusal to insure. You'll need a vaccination passport to travel too if the rumour jungle is to be believed. And that could/will be? extended to leaving your home and any social interaction outside of immediate family. It's the New World Order don't you know?;)
  15. AMGeed

    Engine number Vito 111 CDI

    Welcome to the forum Brad. Your engine # from the Vin you gave is - 646982 50 191718 If you want the rest of your datacard its in the PDF you can save below.
  16. AMGeed

    CLS500 airmatic front right strut down

    Certainly sounds like a leaking strut but a Star diagnosis will tell for sure. You did the right thing turning the engine off before you burn the airmatic pump out as well. In your position I'd have the car trailered to Terry at Wayne Gates Harrow and let him fix it.
  17. AMGeed

    What 'purpose' does your big AMG Saloon serve?

    I've been lucky in having first a W211 E55 that I thought I'd never part with, until I clapped eyes on the facelift E63 Biturbo and heard the exhaust note with the resonator cut out.. I sadly sold the E55, but haven't regretted it for a moment such is the fun you can have with an E63. I have...
  18. AMGeed

    E63 Owners Register

    01. Developer S212 E63 S 5.5 biturbo 2014 02. C_200k W212 E63 PPP 5.5 Bi-turbo 2012 03. daveenty W213 E63s 4.0 Bi-Turbo 2017 04. Gerrym W212 E63 5.5 Bi-Turbo 2013 05. Malcolmx92 W211 E63 6.2l 2006 06. Ant1 W211 E63 6.2l 2007 Estate 07. Am3r W212 E63 5.5 Bi-Turbo 2013 08. bme63 W211 E63 6.2l 2006...
  19. AMGeed

    Tyre Size Confusion! R230 SL on 20"

    Falkens are a decent brand and good value for money. Had them on my last E55 and they gave good grip in both wet and dry. No idea on Lexani brand.
  20. AMGeed

    Catylic Converter Removal G63

    Going on my experience with MSL in Birmingham, I'd take it to PrestigePerformance/MSL in Dagenham where they have a 4wd dyno. Prestige & MSL Performance 7 Coppen Road, Dagenham, Essex, RM8 1HJ 020 8592 8849
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