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    A service

    The charge for the work in changing the diesel filter (£11.20) seems oddly low compared to everything else - is it a simpler job on newer cars?
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    Random service 'invitation'

    I certainly believe that to be the case. "My" dealer used to be up for a haggle and I got a very good deal on the 4yr 'everything' B service and ATF change a few years ago. However more recently if you call them you get put through to the Inchcape call centre and even when I eventually got...
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    Random service 'invitation'

    The dealer I used to use emails regularly with sales and service offers. One email said they'll price match independent garages so they must be suffering a bit - really they should be embarrassed by how many indies there are in the area.
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    Mercedes Deeply dissapointing

    BMW ended up on BBC Watchdog over failures. Don't know if anything came of it. Colleague had two 18" wheels fail only a couple of years ago, no help from BMW at all. Car was still in warranty.
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    C207 should I take dealers service plan?

    Ah, that's where you're going wrong. It's just meant to be washed and polished. ;)
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    Mercedes Deeply dissapointing

    Normally you get a decent amount of sidewall even at 35 or 40 profile as the tyres are so wide. Some wheels do seem to suffer - BMW have a lot of issues with 18". Bonkers really - as others have said, roads are just as bad in many other countries so it can't be a UK specific thing.
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    Mercedes Deeply dissapointing

    I must admit that tales like this put me off changing my car - I'd be suidical if that happened to me, and it's nothing like as bad as some stories you read. Wife has a 5yr old VW Tiguan that I've been thinking of changing, if only to make sure we keep one of ours cars pretty new. Reading the...
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    aircon on and off or off and on!

    A/C is off when light on in my Oct 04 built car. I think it's supposed to be a warning that the a/c is off. What seems more stupid to me is the auto light is on when it's in auto - means you have red light showing all the time. Except I never use auto as it keeps the fan speed too low for my...
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    Amazing price difference Genuine MB Pollen Filter

    Ha! A colleague had a VW Touareg and said some parts had prices out of scale of usual VW pricing because they were the same as used on Porsche Cayenne.
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    Amazing price difference Genuine MB Pollen Filter

    I can't remember the precise numbers now, but on another forum I read of a Volvo owner who needed a new headlamp unit and it was a chunky cost. Parts guy told him to go the commercial vehicle arm of the same dealer as Volvo used the same unit in trucks and it was a fraction of the price - in my...
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    E400d All-Terrain Camtronic

    Wasn't aware MB did this, and I can't recall hearing of Camtronic before. I've experienced it on a V8 in the US - seemed to make a quite a big difference to MPG, and a V4 light popped up on the dash when it was in that mode. VW (and other VAG brands) has it on some 1.4 and 1.5 4cyl petrol...
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    I would guess with telephone poles they'd be extremely concerned about the possibility of it toppling and injuring someone. They changed all of them in our village a few years ago - seemed to be a matter of routine, the one they took out across the road from us apppeared fine.
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    This is why I hate main dealers!

    Don't have an Audi but have a VW and a SEAT on the family fleet and servicing depends if the car is set for fixed interval or variable (longlife) servicing. If it's on fixed then it's 1yr/10K miles. If it's variable then max it will run to is 2yrs and I think it's 18,750 miles (as it's...
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    Does the ATF get called for again? I've always thought it was a one-off change, but MB does keep changing things. Ask if you can have the old fuel filter.
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    As well as the basic A service, what "Additional Service Items" are in that quote? The number doesn't mean much. MyService should show the details. Mercedes-Benz Online Service Booking Application
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    Air Con Reservoir.

    You do hear stories of people who've had cars for 15 years and the A/C still works, but we keep cars in our family for years and if it's not recharged then the a/c generally becomes ineffective around 6-7 years. In a slightly odd recent experience, the VW dealer did wife's Tiguan FOC at 3 yrs...
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    C220 Service cost

    Look at the scope of the work that is shown on MyService and make sure the specialist is quoting like-for-like. If it's just the routime annual 3yr service then I think it should just be a pretty basic service, but IIRC the fuel filter change is now 3yrs. Even if that's correct £646 seems...
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    Help! 2016 GLC43 Service Quote

    Maybe MB have messed around with the ATF interval on GLC? On a non-car forum I use someone, a couple of years ago, was complaining that she'd been quoted £900+ for the second service on her GLC220d so I looked it up using MyService and my local dealer (Inchcape Chester). I just looked back at...
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    Thoughts on Diesel engined cars being banned very soon.

    In the UK at least, now the weekly total number of deaths is starting to come through since C-19 hit, there's been a substantial increase over the usual figure - 5 or 6 thousand, from 11K ish to 16K ish per week. In China the number 'saved' on the roads due to lockdown far exceeded the...
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    Thoughts on Diesel engined cars being banned very soon.

    Mind you, there's a desire to get rid of gas (and oil) for heating too.
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