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    Tarting up to sell or sell as it is???

    My W210 E240 Elegance, would require approx £600 - 800 being spent to bring it up to a very good condition, I would spend the money on wheel refurbishment and a new sill and a valet. Should I do this work or sell it as it is??? the car has over faults such as no temp display...
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    w210 stalling / die's after a few miles

    My w210 E240 has recently on a few occasions just died while in traffic - its a bit emabrassing as it won't restart for a few minutes. Have thought it may be poor fuel and have refilled with Shell, and added a fuel injector cleaner. But could it be something else?? - ££££ Cheers Paul
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    Breaking news...BMW driver uses indicator..

    Quite staggered this morning to witness a BMW driver use mirrors, indicate and exit the road, all perfectly in accordance with Higway code. Always a first time!!!! this was on the A2 near Kidbrooke - any other witness???
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    breast implants save women

    A Bulgarian car crash victim was saved by her huge breast implants - which acted in a similar way to airbags to absorb the impact. Elena Marinova, 24, from Sofia, was involved in a full frontal crash with another car in the northern city of Ruse. Despite both cars being written off and the...
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    Crack appearing in W210 Instrument glass

    Just wondering if this another thing W210'S do...... A crack is spreading across (South to north) the glass of the instrument cluster.....can't understand how or why??? I would like to get another instrument cluster as the temp guage doesn't work, but at £400 plus, its another thing to...
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    Breakers - Sill required..W210

    I reqiure a left side sill (in silver)for my W210 - year 2000........ Euromerc has emailed me to confirm they have some in stock, but have now go into 'radio silence mode' and are not returning my emails..... I'm sure they will respond oneday, but I'm getting a bit twitchy as I've booked a...
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    Cill cover (side skirt) W210 - £££££?????

    Does anyone know the price of the plastic cill cover (left side) for a 2000 E-class w210, is it available colour coded (silver?) - I ran over some debris on the motorway and tore a titanic type rip along its length:( . While, I'm asking, I would like to replace the bumper cover strip, ie the...
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    trim strip colour match - silver

    Can anyone recommend a touch up spray (ie from Halfords) that matches the darker silver body work strips on a silver E class w210 - these strips are obviosly there to take those parking / wall interface situations. Also, what could be used for filler for the tiny quantities, resulting from...
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    radio not working - Audio 10

    the Audio 10 radio in my w210 has decided not to work this morning - on / off button has no effect, it was fine last night???? The red light still flashes, so power is there, but nothing in LCD window. Surely something simple and / or common problem, any help much appreciated, before I...
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    Electric - Mirror movement

    The near side mirror on my W210 - E-class, adjusts up - down and out, but won't adjust inwards...?????? What should I look for and where, would I need to remove (in part) the mirror housing (and how?). Cheers Paul
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    Looking for a Holiday villa - suggestions??

    I'm looking for a holiday villa to rent - I've not had much success on the internet, and would like to recieve any personnel recommendations I need: Villa with character to suit My wife and 2yr old daughter (and me!) - so not too large, with private pool (or within small complex - ie max...
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    Ellen MacArthur - So what?????

    Ellen MacArthur - So what's the fuss all about. Will some one tell me what the achivement is here??????????????? She sailed a fabulously well equipped state of the art boat around the world, with enough satelite technology to be certain of rescue, she had commiunication equipment so could...
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    Floppy wing mirrors - E-class??

    The electric folding mirrors on my car have a bit of 'play' up to 10mm in the horizontal axis - can this be adjusted out? and how? or do they all do it! Cheers
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    W210 - Rust - 25% offer by MB

    My 2000 E - class has a spot of rust coming from the number plate bar rubbing the body work above the nuber plate. Unfortuneately the car does not have a MB service history - but I still submitted a claim to MB for a warranty repair - after all service history would not have stopped the...
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    Key's - Bexleyheath?????any comments??

    Keys Mercedes Specialist in Bexleyheath, near Dartford - London would be very convieniebt for me, so........... Would any one recommend them or share good / bad experiences??? Cheers Paul
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    E class 240 Elegance Spec yr 2000/w

    I'm in negotiations with a friend to buy his E240 Elegance tip auto petrol - 2000/W. I'm trying to find what the standard spec was, this car has factory sun roof and leather. If any one can list std equip I would be grateful. the car has done 50k and were negotiating around £1O,OOO - it's...
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