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  1. moonloops

    Rotalla Tyres - Anybody Had THEM?

    Then you will be allergic to one ingredient in every beer on the planet :thumb: Water Hops Malt Yeast ?
  2. moonloops

    Touch Screen Controls are a Danger

    You do know you have another appendage that leaves no fingerprints :oops:
  3. moonloops

    Home CCTV Camera advice please

    Your house must sound like the Royal Albert Hall in full concert when someone is at the door ! :D
  4. moonloops

    Cheap CL500

    A 20 year old gas guzzler with expensive parts and repairs at a guess?
  5. moonloops

    Happy yorksh

    Art deying = I say, my good man - what is happening?
  6. moonloops

    What to do with a sick 2001 CL55 AMG?

    The only car show where the owners are too ill to drive their cars once restored.
  7. moonloops

    London Congestion Charge and ULEZ to Recommence

    Public transport has been ace since March. until today I always got a train and tube seat. Now thing are ramping up again it is quite busy.
  8. moonloops

    London Congestion Charge and ULEZ to Recommence

    Quite a few bus lanes have been closed and converted to cycle lanes. Euston Road is one example I know but have heard of others.
  9. moonloops

    Rotalla Tyres - Anybody Had THEM?

    If they can't stop a tiny virus, the chins will not stop a heavy car. ^^From a fortune cookie yesterday^^ :D
  10. moonloops

    Rotalla Tyres - Anybody Had THEM?

    Buy chinese, buy twice :D
  11. moonloops

    E63 wagon

    Looks more like poop brown rather than Grey ?
  12. moonloops

    "Hitler's Supercars"

    Are we not forgetting that Mercedes, during the war used thousands of slaves and forced labourers including Jews, foreigners, and POWs. According to historian Bernard Bellon (Mercedes in Peace and War, 1990), at least eight Jews were murdered by DB managers or SS men at a plant in occupied Poland.
  13. moonloops

    Caption Competition

    I think that maybe a fake photo of Scotland - I can't see any pebble-dashed houses in it :D
  14. moonloops

    Even more new jokes...

    My boss asked me to look in our stationery cupboard and find out how many of our pencils needed sharpening... I didn't see the point, to be honest.
  15. moonloops

    Mercedes C-Class W205 Handsfree Boot Access

    I can imagine a car park full of Mercedes owners doing this behind their cars:
  16. moonloops

    Even more new jokes...

    I just bought a cheap demolition crane. I had to really, it was at a knockdown price.
  17. moonloops

    Opinions on the Lexus IS300H?

    Best option I found on a Lexus was opting to buy something else :D
  18. moonloops

    Intermittent exhaust deep sound???

    I think the OP should stop eating eggs before driving :D
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