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    Cheap CL500

    That seems overpriced to me. I picked up a ULEZ compliant 2003 Facelift CL500 for around £1600 as an in-between runaround car. Had 113,000 and part service history. Didn’t have an obscene amount of owners and had 6 months plus left on the MOT. Though it wasn’t fully loaded and the front...
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    2012 E63 wagon poor DAB/FM reception...

    Did they do it FOC or charge you? If they charged how much? It’s a sham they charge especially if the car is in with them anyway for service / repair.
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    2012 E63 wagon poor DAB/FM reception...

    I’m 99% sure a software update resolves this. If you are due a service soon you could ask them to update during the service, I had success with that recently and the update was carried out FOC for DAB and TCU. Fixed the DAB and shifts are much smoother too! Software update should be included...
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    New engine required for 2006 clk 63 amg

    Speak to AMG
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    1995 C180 W202 Cold Start Problem

    Hi Guys, I have a good friend who is struggling with his fathers C180. Whenever it’s cold the car turns but does not start. When it’s warmer it fires and runs perfectly. A fresh battery has been installed. A few days ago he tried to use a hairdryer to warm up the relay in the boot fuse...
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    Removing keyless go module

    Yep, KG is vulnerable.
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    Mercedes Audio 10 Stuck in PHONE

    Yes. If you remove the cradle the control unit is still plugged in and powered. This will likely trigger a fault and cause the car kit to provide power against the phone feed. Glad you sorted it
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    Intermittent exhaust deep sound???

    DPF Regen
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    Mercedes Audio 10 Stuck in PHONE

    There is a connection on the rear of the ISO block that is being provided voltage. Isolate that feed and the phone mute feature will stop being triggered.
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    Used car prices post lock down

    Cheap run around car prices are extremely strong. I would go as far as saying that prices are higher / or for the same price you are getting lesser cars (higher miles, more ropey etc) Cars are not hanging around long, as per above, most are paid for at asking price and picked up and sold within...
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    Anyone With No Dealer Warranty?

    Thanks for the info. Never seen any posts about it. Do you have any you could share? Same re the cam covers. I know the sensors can leak oil into the loom but the cam covers is new to me.
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    Anyone With No Dealer Warranty?

    What cooling issue on the M157 or do you mean the cars pre split cooling?
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    I recommend Forte products. Highly respected within the trade. Used it when I used to have a diesel CLK, and that alone reduced the soot level. I also replaced the sensor and this resolved the issue.
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    Dealer can't reset service indicator and want £109.80 to investigate...Help

    This is exactly what should happen during a service. During a recent repair at a dealership they did agree to do this for me at zero cost - it was on the proviso that no coding or operator input was required. So I was able to get the DAB module and TCU updated whilst they had the car for...
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    CLS63 S

    Can you share me the advert. Cheers EDIT, just noticed it's your car above (as per PH link) and not for sale. Lovely motor!
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    Mercedes-Benz Guildford (Sandown Group) - Good Service

    That's a rip off and I would query it and review the itemised invoice breakdown.
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    CLS63 S

    Where is this for sale?
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    CLS 55 AMG Recommended Oil Level (currently 5.7 liters)

    And that too, but combined with the fact some also have the leaks and burn it you could find yourself topping up a little more frequently, lastly, if the engine isn’t healthy it’ll burn a bit more still!
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    CLS 55 AMG Recommended Oil Level (currently 5.7 liters)

    If you have moody valve cover seals or rear main seal then you will need to top up every so often.
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    CLS 55 AMG Recommended Oil Level (currently 5.7 liters)

    Yes in the dashboard scroll the page that has service in xyz miles with ignition in position 2 with engine off. Will say OK or add 1l oil.
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