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  1. PobodY

    Traffic Alert???

    I get "your route is being recalculated due to traffic conditions" or something along those lines.
  2. PobodY


    Aren't they flying an F-22 Raptor in this one?
  3. PobodY

    A209 performance airfilter

    I think the general consensus is that the air filters are not limiting the power on the V6. - It may be more useful on an engine with forced induction running higher boost than MB expected. Having said that, knock yourself out! - There are other benefits like a different induction noise, and...
  4. PobodY

    2009 CLK Convertible rear bumper

    Yes, but the following are all different parts: A2098800040 - I think is a "standard" bumper. - Not for AMG packages (so not with side skirts), but it does have holes for Parktronic and is compatible with a towbar A2098850825 - Is the same thing without Parktronic A2098851425 - Is "AMG styling...
  5. PobodY

    Heavy Oil Leak CLK 320 (2004)

    "Black" just says "dirty" to me. - The fact it's relatively odourless and evaporates away suggests that it could be water (or coolant); it's probably the gunk it's picked-up that makes it feel greasy. Oil would be very greasy, and wouldn't evaporate... but it might be relatively odourless. Fuel...
  6. PobodY

    Ipad memory...

    Didn't they admit to making them run slower to help "manage ageing batteries" or something like that?
  7. PobodY

    Engine bay clean

    I spray mine with a pressure washer and haven't had any problems; in fact I even snow foamed the engine bay and washed that off.
  8. PobodY

    Heavy Oil Leak CLK 320 (2004)

    I'd be interested to hear / see what the leak was. - I would have thought top-end if it only leaks when the engine is running; anything associated with the sump would just leak all the time.
  9. PobodY

    More exhaust pops and crackle?

    Yes. If this was an AMG model the response would be "just drive it in Sport+".
  10. PobodY

    srs problem

    Before you replace it, have you confirmed that it's not just a loose connection under the seat? - That's all the problem was on mine. If it is shot, then I'd guess the above pricing is going to be about right given the parts common between the W203 and W209.
  11. PobodY

    youtuber nut job

    That's also an after-market front grill. - The pre-facelift models should be four slats (and post- are three slats). I think it's had a few parts changed on it, but overall it looks less "tired" than other CLK55s I've seen.
  12. PobodY

    More exhaust pops and crackle?

    Yes. - When they map it, add fuel back in to the map where the throttle is closed (or light), but the engine isn't under load. Normally this part of the map is fairly lean because that saves fuel, but on a race car you might be using the fuel to cool the bores when you're not on the power. -...
  13. PobodY

    CLK cab wheel fit options

    I just looked at my filler flap, and that says 35 PSI front and back for an unladen car. - I normally run them a 36 PSI because I prefer the feel... that and it's just a little longer before the tyre pressure warning message comes up again. o_O Maybe the difference is due to the hard top?
  14. PobodY

    CLK power steering feel

    Mine doesn't feel like that. - Is it the lightest steering? No, but I don't feel like I've had a workout when I'm driving it. As I said, the biggest improvement in steering feel was putting some better tyres on the front axle.
  15. PobodY

    Mobile engine block skimming?

    Isn't that the kind of thing that's best done in an engineering shop with a mill that's on the level and stable?
  16. PobodY

    The rate my hair is thinning is directly proportional to ........

    Sorry, this does sound a bit dismissive and that's not what I meant. Clearly top-down motoring is a very popular thing... I just mean that I have never felt the need to scratch that itch. Maybe it comes from growing-up in Australia where the sun is out to kill you?
  17. PobodY

    The rate my hair is thinning is directly proportional to ........

    I've definitely got to spend more time wearing hats than I did a decade ago, but I've still not seen the appeal of a convertible. - Not only do I have to wear the aforementioned hat to prevent the top of my head getting burnt, but if it's hot enough to put the top down I'd rather just use air...
  18. PobodY

    Oil Filer removal tool

    I've just got one of those rubber strap jobs - that will take almost any size of filter housing.
  19. PobodY

    CLK cab wheel fit options

    The AMG Sports pack came with AMG 18" alloys, AMG suspension, and AMG brakes (in addition to the bumpers, side skirts and exhaust).
  20. PobodY

    Waterless Coolant

    Anything that suppresses freezing point will almost certainly also increase boiling point. - Look at salt water; it freezes below zero and boils above 100. It's the same thing with running a pressurised cooling system; if there's no room for expansion, the coolant can't boil. - Look at a...
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