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  1. bob6600

    'Dutch' style roundabout closed after one week

    Too much going on. You approach and see a zebra crossing. Once the crossing is clear, you drive on, only to see a cyclist coming around, so you stop, on the zebra crossing :fail: On exiting, there could be a cyclist going around and you have to stop on the roundabout itself. What could go wrong??
  2. bob6600

    'Dutch' style roundabout closed after one week

    Only recently opened, and was to be cyclist friendly. Seems a hit and run has closed it already. Looks like it would cause confusion and possibly more accidents
  3. bob6600

    Formula 1 2020 (Will Contain Race Day Spoilers)

    Teams do it fairly often. Kubica has fone 2x FP1 sessions this season I think. Russell is doing an excellent job. The test could be to see if he's better than Latifi (another well funded driver), or a contingency if Russell gets an offer he can't refuse due to his excellent driving.
  4. bob6600

    Wheel sensor fault - where next?

    It has been mentioned before that using even branded parts like Bosch have caused issues on Mercs, always go for an original part. If it persists, it could be the pick up/reluctor ring. Worse case scenario, the ABS controller.
  5. bob6600


    Haven't read the whole thread so apologies if already covered. There have been scams where identity theft is involved. 1. They steal or hack into your account and either intercept the parcel (not in this case) 2. They use someone else's card details and your address, again to intercept the...
  6. bob6600

    Desktop pc reluctance to launch.

    Does ir boot into safe mode? Next time you get it booted, check in the updates and see if it actually updated or not. You can also do a system restore and see if it resolves it
  7. bob6600

    Formula 1 2020 (Will Contain Race Day Spoilers)

    In a nutshell, yes. It's not the parts as the car has been deemed legal. It's the timing of when it was done. The stupid part is that the FIA spent 3 days at the RP factory and apparently this sort of stuff was pointed out and deemed legal. However, it could be they looked at the Tech regs and...
  8. bob6600

    Formula 1 2020 (Will Contain Race Day Spoilers)

    I'm sure this year's Alpha Tauri is last year's RB15 (or they did it a year or two ago) and no one batted an eye lid. If they (FIA) close the loophole then fine. If it's currently legal then move on. The sour grapes it seems is about the 'spirit of F1' but if it's within the rules and can be...
  9. bob6600

    Formula 1 2020 (Will Contain Race Day Spoilers)

    LOL. I had to go through all the driver's initials and teams to make sure I hadn't missed it :D
  10. bob6600

    Formula 1 2020 (Will Contain Race Day Spoilers)

    I was surprised myself that MB didn't go for the hard tyre in Q2, they obviously had the pace.
  11. bob6600

    Formula 1 2020 (Will Contain Race Day Spoilers)

    Well that result wasn't expected!
  12. bob6600

    Sad news

    Very sad to hear of Terry's passing. My condolences to you Janet and all of your family. RIP Terry
  13. bob6600

    Squealing brakes

    You may have just thrown new parts on for no reason, especially if just one side and if it's still there. I haven't seen the A45 set up but there is usually an anti-squeal shim on most cars these days. If it was correctly fitted and the pads were evenly worn, I would have tried some brake grease
  14. bob6600

    Carley and it's worthwhileness

    And can do a lot more :thumb:
  15. bob6600

    Formula 1 2020 (Will Contain Race Day Spoilers)

    Well the softer tyres and increased heat saw some different strategies today. Max will start on the hard tyres and it's the first time in memory that I've ever seen a medium tyre used in Q3. Good mixed up grid and what a lap from the Hulk to get P3, even quicker than Max in a Red Bull! Ricciardo...
  16. bob6600

    Carley and it's worthwhileness

    There are 2 versions, the older HEX-CAN which will do everything up to around 2015 cars and some modules on newer. This has unlimited use on as many vehicles as you want but are no longer sold and prices are high. The newer V2 (which I have) comes with either 3 VINs, 10 VINs or Unlimited VINs...
  17. bob6600

    Carley and it's worthwhileness

    Get yourself a VCDS, invaluable for VAG cars, especially if you have two
  18. bob6600

    BENZWALAH inroduction

    Welcome. That's an easy one, get rid of the wife :D
  19. bob6600

    Please recommend 3D gel plate maker

    I agree, it's still only 3D as it only has 3 dimensions but for some reason it has been dubbed 4D :dk:
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