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  1. Smart320

    Help understanding this e63 ( w212 pre facelift but facelift bits)

    When I bought my SLK it was 7 years old and from memory had had 4 previous owners but only done 18000 miles. Bought from a MB dealer who had serviced it for the last two owners, looks like new , drives like new and currently has still only done 24 k miles. Has been serviced by MB every year so...
  2. Smart320

    W204 OM651 Timing Chain

    Why not click on the Forums section , look under the section near the bottom headed Mercedes Club Community and then subsection Mercedes Specialists around the uk ? Should find one or two not too far away.
  3. Smart320

    Sad news

    Sincere condolences on your loss
  4. Smart320

    Hi all!

    Welcome, know all about a mid ( actually in my case a very late ) life crisis , enjoy it 😀
  5. Smart320

    New to MB

    Hello and welcome
  6. Smart320

    Good independents in far SW Cornwall?

    Maybe there isn't one, that's why they have a breakers 🤔
  7. Smart320

    Is 'V8 AMG snobbery' a "thing"?

    Have done that and got to the part where I need to enter the vin no., keep forgetting to get the Log book out or look at the windscreen! :rolleyes:
  8. Smart320

    Time to move on...

    Well that's' a relief, hopefully nothing too serious or expensive , am sure you will enjoy it once you can get it moving . Not an expert so no idea what might be causing the problem, maybe some other members will have some suggestions. I await the next instalment, good luck with whatever it is...
  9. Smart320

    Time to move on...

    That's not good ! Hope it's nothing big , assume you have checked that there is still a gearbox :rolleyes:
  10. Smart320

    Trip meter reading very high

    Just relax and enjoy it, forget your previous experience 😎
  11. Smart320

    No ambient lights

    Love mine! Did not know my SLK had them until I used the car one evening about a month after I had bought it, never had them in any previous cars. Do not find them distracting but just think it makes the interior look very inviting at night , mine are red , not looked to see if I can change the...
  12. Smart320

    Trip meter reading very high

    Oops! Just realised its OP is Margaret. Sorry M, after your last failed purchase I do not want you to start worrying again. Hopefully just a little electronic glitch that the dealer wil sort out for you. :)
  13. Smart320

    Trip meter reading very high

    You can't trust anyone these days :rolleyes:
  14. Smart320

    Trip meter reading very high

    Are you sure it hasn't been ' clocked ' :eek:
  15. Smart320

    Parking Sensor Failure 2 Red lights

    Control module would be my guess. Have had same problem with my E class and one of my ML's in the past , garage replaced both the faulty sensor and control module.
  16. Smart320

    Mercedes A150 W169 Not Starting?

    Take your cat to Mercland in Nuneaton, highly recommended Indi and a forum sponsor
  17. Smart320

    Exhaust gas temperature sensor Circuit Bank 1 Sensor 1

    Everyone is suggesting the best way to solve your problem is to get it to an Indi with Star to be sure you know what is wrong before you start paying for parts . You seem determined not to take that advice so I am now anticipating a long thread and an expensive one as your local garage works its...
  18. Smart320

    VW Polo gone - replaced by a ….. Hymer!

    Very smart , when are the interior shots being posted?
  19. Smart320

    Fuel Tank Size

    Cannot remember how big the tank was on my ML 350 but coincidentally my daughter has one and just happened to remark last night she had been to fill it up with V-Power diesel . She said the tank was almost empty and she had put £118 of fuel in the tank. Therefore I suspect 93 L tank is probably...
  20. Smart320

    New member

    Hi and welcome
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