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    slk service in swansea area

    Try these , Mercedes Servicing Specialists in Swansea : S K Automotive Ltd Ive used them in the past and found them very good.
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    Tyron Safety Bands

    Tyron bands used to popular a few years fitted to caravan wheels, their purpose being that they kept the tyre seated against the inner walls off the rim if the tyre suddenly deflated. They were fitted to a couple of caravans I had but I (thankfully) never had cause to test their effectiveness.
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    Who'll be watching the rugby today?

    Will certainly be watching Wales v England and cheering for my own nation :D:D:D
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    W208 Alarm

    Its hidden behind the wing liner passenger side.
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    Mobile 'phones and magnets

    I've got the very cover described with a magnet catch on my HTC for the last year with no probs at all. Wife has same type on her Samsung also with no issues.
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    I know nothing about them, but seems good value?

    Says 3 owners in the write up but 7 in description??? :crazy:
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    Front wheel angle?

    Totally normal although alarming when first seen.
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    Replacement remote key

    More likely to be the flux capacitor. :D
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    The first thing that comes to mind.

    Had a dolly.
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    Just over 2 weeks old and off the road already :(

    Sympathys with the Op for the trouble he has had with his new car ,at least its in the dealers where i am sure it will be sorted properly. As an aside , Why do more and more threads on this forum turn into slanging matches and arguments ?
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    Did we land on the moon? Ch5 Tonight 8pm

    Yes two colours, black and white :D Which is my whole point exactly . This was at the time of brake shoes and rotor arms, you couldnt phone out of the UK in the early seventies without booking a line 2 weeks in advance yet men walked on the nevada desert, sorry i mean lunar surface.
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    Did we land on the moon? Ch5 Tonight 8pm

    Not in my house they didnt !!! :D
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    Dodge nearly finished

    +1 for a sound clip :thumb:
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    Did we land on the moon? Ch5 Tonight 8pm

    Well I watched it and I am still not convinced either way. I was too young to witness the 'moon landings' but I do remember growing up in the early seventies and the technology that was around at the time, for example switching on a tv 2hrs before you wanted to watch something, yet NASA could...
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    Did we land on the moon? Ch5 Tonight 8pm

    As title tonight a documentary posing the question that has to be honest bugged me for years. I dont normally partake in conspiracy theories but I often wonder about the truth in this. Especailly with the advances in technology that we have now compared to the late 1960's. Hopefully tonight will...
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    CL500 - Bare wires behind headlamp assembly?

    Only a guess but seeing as the plug connectors are yellow are they part of the trigger for the airbag in a frontal collision?
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    What the .... ?

    You need to get out more !
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    Replacement window quotes

    Havent done any bay windows to be honest so perhaps it is better to go with someone local ,just make sure you are around when they go in to see the quality of instalation.
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    Replacement window quotes

    Why not do them your self ? The likes of Screwfix and Wickes to name just two have a good range of windows at a fraction of the 'market leaders' prices. Having paid for double glazing to be fitted in a previous house I was astounded at the way they were fitted, for example one of the windows was...
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    PYE 7 on a black VW Phaeton this morning, no pic as i was driving.
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