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    Insurance claim on new car - Not my fault!

    Just wondering if anyone on here has ever had anything like this happen & what the outcome was! Brand new Toyota iQ, 2 weeks old and has 65 miles on. HGV reversed into me whilst I was stationary, he decided to give way when it was his right of way then decided he hadn't stopped far enough...
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    Comand can't 'see' any satellites

    OK so it's not an MB but it IS proper Comand! My Smart forfour has Comand fitted, it's the same DVD based version as in the A-class. For the last few weeks it has known where I am intermittantly but then last week it lost me totally, we (my workshop manager!) pulled the unit out on Fri...
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    Travel Insurance

    This might be useful to someone..... I've been struggling to fine a good travel insurance quote to cover pre-existing conditions and have stumbled on All-Clear. They will cover Paul who had a stroke last year & has since had fits (40yrs old) me (pregnant and will cover upto 4 weeks before...
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