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  1. J

    Got the CLS55 bug !

    If you're tinkering with selling yours I'm in the market ! Went out in a CLS500 today and know it wouldn't satisfy me, so feel free to let me know if you have a low mileage FSH example for sensible money. Sadly my beautiful C32 has to go after 18 months of brilliant service, but after a CL55...
  2. J

    C32 Estate for sale

    Just an initial listing as I'm gauging interest at the moment. 2001(late) with 79,500 miles, full Merc and specialist indy service history. Daily driver for the last 18 months and in superb condition. Minor rust spots just been sorted. Needs nothing, but impending CLS purchase means it...
  3. J

    W203 centre air vent A2038300354

    Anyone got one knocking around ? It's the version that has the thumb wheels on each side and a central thumbwheel in the middle (blue marking) I think they're about £60 ish new, which should give you a good idea on price ;) Thanks CJ
  4. J

    Freelander 2 for sale !

    2008 LAND ROVER FREELANDER 2 GS TD4 A BLACK on eBay (end time 10-May-11 15:18:25 BST) Wife's car, very well looked after :thumb:
  5. J

    Recent sat nav disc DX (08 onwards)

    Hello all Anyone got a fairly recent Tele Atlas disc for my 2001 W203 ? Doesn't have to be ultra up to date as won't be doing many miles. Cheers CJ
  6. J

    SL55 steering wheel - virtually mint !

    Black leather AMG contoured steering wheel from my 2005 SL55. In immaculate condition but without tiptronic buttons. £95 including postage Jonny
  7. J

    My beautiful SL55 for sale

    Mercedes : Sl55 (55 plate) Panoramic, keyless FMBSH Cheapest 55 plate around in perfect condition with FMBSH and everything you could ever want ! :)
  8. J

    SL55 for sale 2005 (55 plate)

    Initial tentative listing for my gorgeous SL55 in Obsidian Black. This is a very late (30th Nov) 2005 car and it has ALL the toys including Panoramic roof, air conditioned, heated and massage seats both sides digital TV tuner with remote (which works, unlike the analogue ones), iPod...
  9. J

    Brabus Monoblock IV 3 piece

    On Ebay Postage will be free for forum members if buy it now used. Brabus Monoblock IV 3 piece 18" Wheels - Mint ! AMG VW on eBay (end time 22-Nov-10 12:35:15 GMT) Thanks CJ
  10. J

    Nearly new Pirelli PZero Rossos

    2 x 255 35 18 1 x 285 35 18 All in pretty much brand new condition. Postage at...
  11. J

    SL55 discs and pads front and rear £100 !

    Local pickup only, I emailed her and she confirmed from Europarts, non O/E, worth £100 though ?! 2004 SL55 AMG Discs and pads NEW on eBay (end time 20-Jul-10 17:17:12 BST)
  12. J

    SL55 AMG 18" Alloys for sale

    Now off the car and here Mercedes 18" AMG wheels SL55 SL500 SL320 SLK55 SLK on eBay (end time 29-Jul-10 21:40:17 BST) :thumb:
  13. J

    R230 SL Steering Wheel - Brand New

    I have a brand new steering wheel for sale minus the tiptronic buttons. This is in black leather and not AMG style. If your standard steering wheel is looking a bit worn/shiny etc. this will bolt staright on. You'l need to swap over your tiptronic buttons which is a 30 second job if you stop...
  14. J

    SL55 Turbine 22 Spoke wheels

    Will be coming up for sale fairly shortly. These are from my 55 plate SL55 and are immaculate aside from a tiny bit of lacquer lifting on a couple of the bits around the centre caps. Just guaging interest first, can be with or without tyres (PZero Rosso's with approx 4mm tread all round) PM...
  15. J

    AMG III monoblocks 19"

    Are these the same ET for the CL55 as for the SL55 ? Looking to put a set from a CL55 on my SL55 but need to know that they'll be correct for the car. Standard SL fitment is 255/40/18 front, 285/35/19 on the rear. CL's are 245/40/19 front, 275/35/19 on the rear. What size should I have on...
  16. J

    CL55 tyres - Michelin Pilot Sport PS2

    Rear has approx 3mm tread 275 35 19 Front has approx 6mm tread 245 40 19 Both in excellent condition - taking up space in the garage so not looking for mega bucks but far too good to ditch. Could get around £130 on ebay without too much trouble, but email me with a sensible offer and...
  17. J

    R230 snapped bonnet release cable

    Any way into the engine ?! It appears to have either gone at the engine end or in the middle. The connection to the pull handle is fine. 3 days into ownership and something had to go wrong ! Cheers Jonny
  18. J

    R230 Aux in for iPhone

    Anyone know where this is located ? The manual says there's two aux in's by the tv tuner in the boot, but can't seem to locate them. Is it a carpet out jobby ? Ideally I want to run a permanent lead from one of the aux in's to somewhere in the cabin so I can have a nice neat install...
  19. J

    Service intervals

    The 05 SL55 AMG I'm buying has done very little miles (1000) since the last service a year ago. At that service it had pretty much everything done that could be done, incl spark plugs :-) Question is - do I need to have it serviced annually for an oil change, or just when the service advice...
  20. J

    SL55 found !

    Oh yes :-) The wife will now be pleased. Pick up sometime next week and will post piccies, spec etc. but very pleased to have found a nice one having read about some of the less than good ones about. CL55 Kompressor is on the bay of e for those of you that weren't aware ;) and ends...
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