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  1. 350e

    C-Class 350e - Your charging experiences

    In order to reduce pressure on that other thread, the size of which is now getting silly, I am reporting my experience of charging, Chargers and all related stories. Charged mine today via a Chargemaster point and after the initial faff associated with the connectivity to the post I charged the...
  2. 350e

    C Class 350e owners. My car

    I took delivery of a 350e just over a week ago and am delighted with it :) It is brilliant blue with the beige leather and walnut facia. I am still discovering how to operate all the features such as distronic and parking a sister etc. A few pictures of the handover, will add more in...
  3. 350e

    C Class 350e owners. Which display did you select today ?

    I started off today showing the radio channel in the multifunction display centre. I wanted to know if my style of driving was spending or producing energy. Delighted to find, among many others, the graphic screen that tells me just what I wanted and here it is. So which one did you choose...
  4. 350e

    C Class 350e owners. What you may not have discovered yet about your car !

    Thought I would create this thread mainly to relieve the pressure on the nearly 100 pages of the 350e thread which is covering everything about our beautiful car :) Now as many know I took delivery of my car yesterday and am completely wowed by it. Of course it is a complete mystery to...
  5. 350e

    Pick up some free Mercedes goodies in Manchester

    Shoppers at Manchester’s intu Trafford Centre will experience a more powerful kind of retail experience this weekend, following the opening of the latest Mercedes-Benz Pop Up shop. Designed to bring the Mercedes-Benz product range to the public in new and surprising ways, the temporary...
  6. 350e

    HUD, Yes or No. Decisions decisions

    I have maybe just this weekend to decide if I want to add the Head up Display to my 350e. What does anyone think about this option, waste of money or must have extra ?
  7. 350e

    C Class 350e Potential buyers need to hurry to gain government grant

    Those considering the C-Class 350e and wanting the £5000 government grant may need to act soon. The government have said that the present grant scheme will be maintained until 50,000 registrations have been reached then new figures apply. Judging by the report below by the limit may soon...
  8. 350e

    The new mercedes-amg c 63 coupé: The sportiest c-class ever

    Affalterbach. Mercedes-AMG is setting a further landmark in the brand history: the new C 63 Coupé is the next step on the way to yet more technical and visual distinctiveness. The far-reaching technical modifications are evident at first sight: strikingly flared front and rear wheel arches...
  9. 350e

    Why all future engines might be hybrids

    Redditch, UK 19 August 2015 At the 66th IAA Frankfurt Motor Show, GKN Automotive will demonstrate new technologies that will make hybrids the driveline of choice for future drivers. The company’s stand (Hall 5.1, B32) will also display the torque vectoring all-wheel drive system that drives...
  10. 350e

    350e on order

    Hey everybody :) Short sentence telling you that I am trading my Jaguar for a 350e which I hope to collect in a few weeks time. Having said that, after reading 29 pages related to the 350e and the possible delays that others have reported, I am not sure.
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