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    W202 C200 manual sound from front (soundclip)

    Hi I've been on here before about this whine/squeal/wail whatever you call it from the front of my car when driving, it comes in at 30-40kph loudly then less so at other speeds, when it happened i cut the engine and put in neutral and it still was there so i can rule out the engine i guess? that...
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    Im Back! w202 hesitating sometimes

    ok I've posted here before about my w202 c200 hesitating when accelerating not all time but sometimes, its worse when cold, this morning i was in second going along and it felt like it was stalling but then a massive surge of power to bring it back to normal happened after a second or two, I've...
  3. J

    H7 led bulbs, Any use?

    I seen led h7 bulbs to replace dipped headlights on my c200 would they be as bright as standard? I know they'll look way better
  4. J

    W202 kick front drivers wheel has play

    Hi so I was kicking my tyres today because I've got 3 slow punctures and when I kicked the front drivers it definitely had play, like it was loose but very slightly, any ideas
  5. J

    W202 changing springs, use compressor or get mechanic to do it?

    As title really, I'm swapping out my springs front and rear on my w202 and just wondering if it's handy enough I'll get some compressors and have a go myself, unless it's a nightmare of course, anybody ever done it?
  6. J

    w202 hid kit?

    So I'm going to fit a8000k hid kit to my 98 w202 anybody know what the dipped bulb type is? i think a h7?? also has anyone here done it and any pics?
  7. J

    W202 with 18 staggered amg monoblocks wheel bolts wrong

    So I bought a sweet set of amg monos they're 235/45 front and 255/35 rear but the bolts on my stock 15's 195/65 are way too short I was wondering if anyone knows what size to get and where I'd get them without paying the earth any help appreciated guys
  8. J

    W202 manual reverse lights not working

    Hi I've got a c200 1998 and the reverse lights aren't working bulbs are ok and there's no bulb out warnings any ideas?
  9. J

    w202 mirrors conversions?

    id like to get a mirror that has the indicators in,. like the w210 or 203 can they be done?
  10. J

    w203 exhaust tips onto w202?

    as title will these fit my c200? eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
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    C36 amg steering wheel into c200?

    As title, can I put a c36 wheel into a w202 c200? If sinus it hang enough or a mare?
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    W202 leather interior sought, will a w210 fit or w203

    As title said I'm looking for a beige leather interior for my w202 just wondering if other models will fit?
  13. J

    w202 Alpine cde 103bt install HELP!!!

    hi ive got a 98 c200 classic and have just installed an alpine head unit as in title, it works fine, however....... when i turn it on it makes a loud bang through the speakers, do these cars have an amp built in anywhere? i cant see why it would do this? the last head unit (JVC) Stock? didnt any...
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    Change springs in pairs???

    just had my c200 fly through the NCT with no problems :) did advise however that my rear driver side spring is corroded and may need replacing soon so...... do i replace one or a pair? im guessing a pair, great excuse to lower this bad boy
  15. J

    W202 Rear Diff Leak, Help?

    Hey guys i have posted here already about a whining noise from my c200 which i hoped was a wheel bearing gone bad, but alas it seems i have a leaking diff i only noticed when i got down to change the fuel filter today, its not leaking heavily its just a little oil hanging around the bottom of...
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    W202 max wheel dimensions without any mods

    Hi guys I've seen the threads here on this subject but the tables make no sense to me, I want to know basically what max size rim and tyre can I put on my w202 without any mods including spacers and will not rub at all
  17. J

    W202 classic vs esprit/sport ride height difference

    What's the height difference I'm thinking of dropping my classic
  18. J

    W202 whining noise while driving

    I've got 98 c200 and it makes a funny whining noise that seems to be inside the cabin when driving in 3rd or 4th at a certain rpm, that is it comes in at 2000rpm then goes by 2.5 it stays even if I press the clutch in so I'm sure it's not a gearbox issue? The car drives perfectly so I'm not...
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