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    W220 coincidence or more woes

    W220 S320cdi 2005 On December 24th 2013 my Alternator dies and is replaced a week later by a recommended Indie..This week the radio was struggling to lock onto good signal then speaker crackled and no sound so i turned Command day turned key and waited for Glow plug light to go...
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    watercooled Alternators sound expensive ?

    Quick update..took vehicle to local indie Wayne Gates in Harrow..service exchange Alternator to say Terry was very helpful and returned my calls over the Christmas time..price was good and an indie to recommend..thanks to all for your replys
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    watercooled Alternators sound expensive ?

    Had a good look around..not a lot of room to even see the Alternator let alone try to pull Regulator Brushes out..seems lots of aux parts need to be removed to actually gain access to the Alternator mounting bolts.
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    watercooled Alternators sound expensive ?

    Thanks for reply Bruce..the roads had some large puddles driving home but I could not hear the belt squeeling..I checked to see if Serpentine belt was still intact but the rain and wind stopped me looking further
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    watercooled Alternators sound expensive ?

    Driving home in my 2005 W220 CDI this evening my dash lit up with Battery charge warning visit xmas wish is I hope a Bosch Regulator Brush kit will be a quick fix to my problem or could it be a water cooled Alternator and more cash..any ideas guys ?
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    iphone cradle

    There is a male connector located under the armrest that the cradle clips into..sorry can't show photo
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    Does owning a Merc open a can of worms

    My house was burgled last Saturday whilst we were out appears that considering how the person who carried out this act that I could have been watched and question is does owning a Merc attract the wrong type of attension to yourself and property ? I was seriously...
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    Cleaning head-line and seat belt fabrics

    My steering wheel,headline and seat belt fabrics are becoming grubby..could some kind soul please suggest what products I should interior is cream and steering wheel leather..thanks.
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    Command intermittently shutting down

    There have been no upgrades or mods carried out..a friend who works for BMW recommends looking at convenience/body module which is situated under passenger seat..maybe it's a trip to commandonline in Surrey to locate the problem.
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    Command intermittently shutting down

    W220 S class per title..fault occurs when vehicle moving or reboots with Merc symbol within one or two seconds of failure without any input from myself..not sure if this problem is linked to other faults I'm now experiencing for example..wing mirrors not folding out when...
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    Buzzing Relay or noisy component around Rear View Mirror area

    Air con/blower switched off..buzzing can still be heard
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    Buzzing Relay or noisy component around Rear View Mirror area

    2005 S class 320cdi w220..are there any relays or electrical components situated in head lining around rear view mirror area that may explain a loud buzzing noise when ignition is turned on ? The sun roof motor fitted appears in good working order..any thoughts please ?
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    fitting iphone 4 cradle

    Can someone please confirm fitment of MB-NOCBL IPhone 4 Cradle being plugging UHI connector into Cradle and maybe a couple of screws to secure unit in armrest...Thanks
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    How to change the automatic gerbox oil and flush on a 722.6 'box

    how to change the automatic gearbox oil and flush on a 722.6 box I took my car to PCS last week for Transmission oil change and Brake repairs. The Transmission does change more smoothly and I now have piece of mind that its been done and more importantly its been done "PROPERLY".
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    Professional attitude at PCS

    Took my car down to the guys at PCS for Transmission Oil change and Brake repairs. Very impressed with the professional atitude shown by all the guys there. Definately an Indie to recomend.:thumb:
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    Replacing key fob housing

    An update on replacing housing. I puchased a repair kit for £25 off E-Bay comprising of housing and 3 micro switches. Removal of circuit board from old housing was al little fiddly but exactly as instructions from poster Donubenz. On closer inspection of circuit board all of the micro switches...
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    Replacing key fob housing

    Would like to say a big thanks for some kind offers from Bo Duke and Horgantrevor but i had already purchased housing from e bay and awaiting delivery.
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    Replacing key fob housing

    I did try to buy new housing from local Merc dealer but was told "you cannot buy this part,only part number shows a complete fob assy" The video on U-Tube appears not to show circuit board retaining clip being re-fitted ? Many thanks for all replies.
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    Replacing key fob housing

    As per title has anybody transferd key fob circuit board into a new three button housing which can be purchased from E-Bay for less than £20 ?
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    Airmatic question

    Sorry not an answer to your question but i have been monitoring airmatic suspension on my recently purchased car. It appears to be dropping overnight as front lifts when engine is started but im sure i have read somewhere this is normal. What im wondering is my drive has an incline,would that...
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