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    CLS W219 3rd Brake Lamp Warning

    Hi Have a "3rd Brake Lamp" warning come up on my display every day now - had car serviced at Wayne Gates recently who checked the lamp and said was fine but it keeps popping up - does anyone know a fix for this or is it a case of replacing the lamp anyway? Is it right that you have to...
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    Latest Command 2.5 Version

    Does anyone know what the latest software version is for Command 2.5 - I have a 2010 W219 CLS Grand and the volume difference between radio and other sources is quite noticeable and seem to recall reading something about this a while back so just thinking if it was fixed in an update?
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    W219 CLS Command Update

    Does the command unit get updated when you update the maps or are the two separate, I recently updated the maps on the Sat Nav but not sure if I should ask for the command to be updated (if needed) when in for a service next week? Thanks all
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    CLS Grand 7G Software Update

    Bought my first Mercedes at turn of the year, a 2010 CLS Grand Edition with AMG body kit, love it, great car! Will take it in for service soon and am probably going to use Wayne Gates after reading lots of positive reviews on here. I have seen a couple of people refer to a software...
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    4 x 18" Genuine Mercedes AMG VI Alloys with Dunlop Sport 01

    Just put my factory alloys for 2010 Grand Edition CLS up for sale as have swapped out for a 19" set, in very good condition. All details below 4 x 18" Genuine Mercedes AMG VI Alloys with Dunlop Sport Tyres - Excellent Cond | eBay Thanks, collection only from Pinner Area (HA5)
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    Mercedes Parts online - CLS StoneGuard?

    Anyone know if you can buy the stone guard films that go over rear door panels online? Want to get some for Sunday but am working between now and them so was hoping to order somewhere and get delivered? Thanks
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    CLS Grand Tyre Pressure

    Have just changed my 18" AMG Grand Edition Alloys over for some 19" AMG III and Goodyear asymmetric 2 tyres, look great! Will be putting the old alloys up on here and eBay shortly, they are in excellent condition and plenty of life left on the Dunlop Sport tyres too. Can I check the pressure...
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    Alloy Refurb Specialist Watford/Harrow Area

    Can anyone recommend a good place to have some alloys I have just purchased 19'' Genuine Mercedes AMG alloys and tyres with wider rears. | eBay Refurbed, that is near Watford / Harrow. After speaking with seller and listing they look to be in very good nick anyway but hope to get the...
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    19" Tyres for CLS 350 Grand 2010

    Hi All Am thinking of changing my rims from the 18" grand edition to a set of the 19" AMG III ones. Just trying to price up tyres as well and seems like Continental Sport Contact 5 come up quite good on here but has anyone used the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 tyres as these also seem not...
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    Would these fit on a W219 2010 CLS?

    Does anyone know if these alloys can onto a W219 2010 CLS? 19 INCH CLS63 AMG MERCEDES ALLOY WHEELS | eBay Thanks!
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    Mercedes C Class w204 Boot Liner in a W219 CLS?

    Just bought a boot liner for my new CLS from, they didnt list the W219 CLS in options but said the W204 C Class would be the same. Have received and isnt exactly a bespoke fit - does anyone one know if this is the correct alternative or is there another model with the same boot size...
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    Comand 2.5 Firmware on 2010 CLS

    Anyone know what the last release for firmware was on a 2.5 comand unit and what features if any it added? Thanks
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    Bluetooth Audio Streaming on 2010 CLS 219

    Hi All Is there a way to add bluetooth Audio Streaming to a 2010 Grand Edition 350 CLS with Comand 2.5 without using the ipod connection in the glovebox, ie through a firmware update or using the phone cradle in the centre console? Reason I ask is that I would quite like to keep the ipod...
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    Stone Guard Film on CLS

    How easy is it to replace the stone guard film that surrounds the rear wheels on a 2010 CLS and any ideas how much they are. The film on the lower side skirt is a bit frayed in places now so if possible I would like to remove and replace with a new one? Thanks
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    Command Screen Protectors / Anti Glare

    Hi All Have read a few threads on international forums about the anti glare coating coming off easily when cleaned incorrectly and the car I have just purchased is patchy in places. Seems the solution is to remove the rest of the coating by giving a clean with Windows cleaner and soft cloth...
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    Spare Wheel for W219 CLS

    Hi, just got first Mercedes a 2010 Grand CLS and love it already. Just noticed though there is a big hole where the spare wheel should be! Would this be OK for a W219 CLS? Mercedes ML Spacesaver Wheel & Tyre 155/90R18 Dunlop Reduced From £99.95 | eBay The car has 18" alloys at moment but...
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    New CLS 350 CDI Grand Owner

    I have just taken the plunge and bought my first ever Mercedes! Its a 2010 CLS 350 CDI Grand in Palladium Silver with few extras like AMG Body Kit, Harman Kardon Sound, Parktronic, Airmatic, Heated and Cooled Front Seats and Heated Rear Seats! A quick query I understand that Mercedes servicing...
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    Datacard Check

    Hi Would anyone be able to do me a big favour and get the factory spec on below car Reg N1 FCR, The Vin Number Is WDD2193222A168465 Its quite a long distance to travel so want to be as well prepared as possible! Thanks Again Paul
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    First look at 2010 CLS Grand

    Hi All After much lurking I have seen a car that may finally tempt me to switch to my first ever Mercedes. Its a 2010 Flint Grey Grand Edition Diesel with front and rear parking sensors, Airmatic, AMG Kit and cooled seats by looks. It doesnt have memory or Harman Kardon but as I will be the...
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    CLS Airmatic Control Locations

    Hi All I'm new to the Merc world, having owned a 406 Coupe for last 5 years I'm thinking of upgrading to a CLS Grand Edition circa 2009. I have noticed that sometimes dealers don't list spec fully and in my search have got to know most buttons to look out for in pictures but am struggling with...
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