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    What Bulbs ?

    Hi all over the place and cant get a final answer on what bulbs I need - 2014 CLA with Xenons - one has turned orangy pink.
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    2014 CLA - DPF and Running Temp

    Ok heres the story. 2014 CLA , C200 Cdi. EML came on all codes point to DPF. I have read that the regeneration will only happen once the engine reaches temp 87.1 degrees, however my car NEVER and I mean NEVER gets to that. Stuck in stop start traffic for over an hour it will occasionally reach...
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    USB Comand Woes

    Right here goes, 2014 CLA with Comand 20. Had a 4GB USB in the centre console slot and thought ID upgrade and refresh my playlist. I read that it can handle a 32Gb stick formatted to FAT32. So off I go and convert 80 of my finest CD's to MP3 - took hours and hours and hours. Then found an App...
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    W204 Dash Images

    Firstly apologies if this has been done to earth. Recently got a 2012 W204. When I start the car the dash displays a picture of the side of a C class and 3 torsos. Ive researched this today and discovered that this relates to the rear seat belts not in use, can this be turned off ? Secondly Ive...
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    CLS W219 Rear Light Issue

    Guys have a W219 CLS, I believe they call it the facelift ? Its an 09. Anyhow, I noticed one of the rear lights had what looks like a small bulb out - Ive heard these called LED rear lights? question is how do I sort this ? is it an easy job and are the bulbs readily available or Dealer only? -...
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    CLS - Head Unit Issue ?

    Hi all, I sold my CLS , dipped my toe into the Audi market, but now back with an 09 facelift CLS. Anyway onto my issue, its got a newer head unit than my previous CLS , I believe this one is the NTG2.5 or something ? When I start the car it takes a goof 60-90 seconds for any sound to come from...
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    07 CLS Coil Spring

    Well Im starting to realise there is a problem with the coil springs on Mercs. Its a case of 'when' rather than 'if' . Last year I had a spring snap on my 06 E 220 while parked up. Yesterday drove the 07 CLS to work, everything fine, lunchtime everything fine, went out to go home at 5pm from...
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    ML Wheels on a CLS ?

    Hi Ive been offered a set of 22" (aftermarket) alloys prev fitted to an ML. ET38 5x112 bore 66mm 10 inch - would these fit my 07 CLS ?? tyres are 295x30x22
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    Wanted : NTG1 Green 2014/15 Map disk

    Looking to buy a 2014:15 green banding NTG1 map disk , thanks
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    Comand Accuracy ?

    Im using an NTG1 with 07/08 maps. I find it a real pain the wotsit to use. I set it to take me to a town the other night , I knew about 90% of the route anyway as Ive been before but thought Id give Comand a shot at it. It took me a really roundabout way , I think it added about 25 mins onto the...
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    W219 NTG1 Video In Motion

    :devil: OK guys before you want to tie me to a stake , set fire to me , throw me in jail or chemical castration . . . . . . Im trying to enable Video in Motion for my little person. The cartoons aren't the same when you can listen but only view when stopped at traffic lights, so for an easy life...
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    COMAND - But what disk ??

    Hi all some of you may remember my close call with trying to upgrade my Comand maps by using a copied disk bought off a well known auction site. I wasn't aware of the risks of copied disks until it all started to go wrong. Anyhow Im still needing to upgrade to 2015 maps and wont be using...
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    COMAND Issue 2007 CLS

    Guys Im hoping someone can help me here . Im feeling really upset. I bought an 07 CLS last week, I noticed the disk in the COMAND unit for the sat nav was the original disk 07/8. I purchased a disk online and it arrived today. Straight away I saw that the disk was a copy and came in a padded...
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    W203 Change to LED's ?

    I have a W203 05 reg Facelift. Im considering buying some Canbus LED's namely for the number plate lights and sidelights . Has anyone done it ? do they actually work without firing up any bulb errors ? can you tell me the exact bulbs Im looking for ? and can you recommend a cheap place to buy ...
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    W203 P0171 Error Code - help !

    Looking for some help here guys. Ive had the engine management light on for months but car runs fine ( although fuel consumption is terrible ). Was told it was error code P0171. Had it cleared. it came back . Had it cleared again. It came back. Last night I bought an OBD2 reader and sure enough...
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    Brake Pad Change - Help ?

    Hi car went for its MOT today '05 C180K . Failed on front brake imbalance. The tester said 99% of the time a change to new pads fixes imbalance. Anyhow , I bought new pads tonight just before the motor factors closed and hope to change the pads tomorrow and get back for a retest. MY main...
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    W203 Paint Code ?

    I have a 2005 W203 and Im looking to get a paint touch up brush from the local MB stealer. I know this is the lazy way but can anyone tell me where to get the paint code ? rather than me scouring all over the car searching ? Thanks.
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