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    W140 s500

    £4,500 ovno 112,400 miles See full advert here: Used 1998 Mercedes-Benz S Class S500 L for sale in West Sussex | Pistonheads Flickr album:
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    DVLA want proof of manufactured date

    Hi all, I imported a 190 Evo II about a year ago and am finally ready to put it on the road. DVLA is making me jump through some hoops though. One of which is that for some reason they have rejected my Portuguese registration document and stated I need to get proof of manufactured date from...
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    CLK Black Series owners

    Hi all, I noticed there wasn't a group/club for CLK Black Series owners on Facebook. If you've got one or know someone who has, can you let them know about the new group please? Thanks! The cars are pretty rare especially in the UK so wanted to try and connect a few people...
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    W222 Windscreen

    Bit odd this one, the windscreen on my W222 S cracked so had MB replace it as it had gizmos all over it. Mistakenly thought they would know what they're doing! Well the windscreen they put back in isn't the same. The one that came out had a square dark section at the bottom that was clearly a...
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    New to me CLK

    Picked this up during the week.. Having some serious man love for it. Should have bought one back in 2008. It's the ********. Sound, handling, responsiveness, incredible pace. Goes to grave with me this one!! :bannana:
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    CLK Black

    Hi all, Thinking of buying one reg LV57 XED, was previously D18 DBM and 59M at various points. Any previous owners on here or knowledge of previous history?
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    Paint Depth

    Hi all, Does anyone know what the paint depth should be on a 2007 era Merc? The current lot seem to be about 80-120 microns but what about older cars? Cheers, LL
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    W222 Nav

    Hi all, My S has this Tom Tom traffic built into it... I can't turn it off!! Today it had me going in circles in inner London, seriously. If you don't know where you are it's a nightmare. I think I've exhausted every menu item and can't see how on earth I turn it off? In a BMW you just turn...
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    W222 S Class SWB

    Just collected today.
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    W222 swb

    Picked up my new S350d today, what a car. Just love it. 500 mile drive on Monday, should run it in nicely! :rock:
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    190E 2.5 16v Evolution II

    Just arrived from Portugal :bannana:
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    Buying a Car in Europe

    Has anyone done this, and driven the car back to the UK? I have just bought a car in Portugal, and I want to bring it into the UK but a) you are not allowed to drive a foreign registered car as a UK resident - at all (DVLA) and b) I can't get insurance to drive it from Portugal unless I'm...
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    W140 S500 engine cutting

    Hi all, Been driving my W140 for a few months now with no issues. All of a sudden when coming to a slow stop, the idle cuts, get a flash of the ignition light, then it catches and recovers. The idle seems slightly unstable. Any thoughts? Cheers
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    W140 is a Cow

    Yes, my W140 moos at me! After I switch off the ignition key, I get one, or sometimes two mooing sounds which seem to be coming from in front of the steering wheel. It could be from under the engine bay, not sure. It's the sound of expelling air I guess. Anyone have any ideas where to look...
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    Azurite Blue

    Hi all, I'm in the middle of repainting my wing mirrors on my W140. I've got spray cans from Halfords in Azurite Blue but the colour is too dark and too purple after lacquering, it's not blue enough. Without getting specialist colours made up has anyone had any luck with buying Azurite Blue from...
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    W140 Parking Sensors

    Hi all, getting through the issues with my new S500 one by one. The parking sensors on the car don't appear to be working. If you press the switch down you get a loud beep and the sensor displays come up showing two solid red bars. But it doesn't work. The manual says to clean the sensors...
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    W140es 500S New Battery - Issues

    Hi all, I just picked up a 98 500S yesterday, bit of a whim purchase but I love them! Put about 150 miles on it and the battery was a bit weak so I replaced it with a new 019 Yuasa. All good, however, it has now decided to throw two codes: The ABS light and the BAS light. Any...
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    OT: Help, ECU tuning

    Hi all, Not a MB related question, but as a lot of you modify your cars maybe you can help? Some of you know my Abarth 500 which you've seen on the track days at Goodwood. Well, it's still not back on the road. Without going into war and peace, I need to find someone with Omex ECU tuning...
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    W124 e300 amg

    Mercedes W124 E300 AMG 1988 | eBay A lot to do, but a rare beast.
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    Brabus D6-III tuning box for E Class Cab & Coupe

    Listed on ebay: Brabus Power Extra Performance Kit D6-III Tuning Chip / Box Mercedes E Class | eBay
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