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    SBC Red Warning on Dash

    Driving along this morning. Brake Alert warning came up on the dash. i'm guessing it's the SBC thats giving the warning as it's all in Red with a buzzer going off at the same time. Strange thing I haven't had a prior warning which I thought was supposed to happen first. Car has done just over...
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    Thrust Arm Bushes

    Had a winter safety check at Mercedes Giffnock today. All seemed fine apart from the Thrust Arm Bushes which they tell me have split on both arms. They have given me a quote of £96.24 to carry out the work. Is this a reasonable price ?. Would it be possible to DIY the job myself or better to...
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    Coolant Change at Halfords

    Had an email from Halfords this morning. Their doing a Winter Service thing. Reading through it appears they do a coolant change as part of the offer along with something called Ducks Back for the windscreen. Popped in to the local Halfords this afternoon to find out if they drained the...
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    Replacement key Case

    Hi I think my Key Fob is playing up,their is a crack across the top button the one that locks the car. If i was to buy a case off Ebay. is their anyone in the Glasgow area that could replace the case. Or is it a possible DIY job ? Thanks Ian
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    ABS/ESP Failure

    Had a slow puncure this morning,brought it round to the local tyre place. They diagnosed a faultytyre valve.,fitted and put tyre back on. I drove about a mile. The rev counter stated playing up then had the warning on the Dash about the Abs/Esp being faulty And to visit the workshop.Car is an...
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    Couple of Questions

    Hi Wonder if anyone can help with this, have the E270 cdi Auto think it's the 5 Speed Box. The wife was driving the Car the other day and accidentally moved the Shift sideways to the minus position,the gear selector on the dash then showed 1st Gear. she moved it to the right and it went up 2nd...
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    Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec 115 BHP

    Hi Have this advertised on Gumtree, thought I might try my luck on here :) Car is an 05 1.6 Petrol 61000 Miles. Changed Timing Belt & Pulley Drive Belt & Power Steering Belt about 3 weeks ago 2 New Tires on the Front a month ago. Mot till next October. Couple of advisories on the MOT...
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    Busy Day..

    Up early this morning. Had the Car in at National Tyres first thing for an Engine Flush & Oil & Filter change . Vey reasonable price the 10 % Voucher came in handy.. Finished up and it was up to the Indy at Ibrox for the transmission fluid change. Finally got down to Mercedes this afternoon to...
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    Trolley Jack

    Planning to do some minor work on the car this week. I'm looking around for a Trolley Jack or Lifting Jack. Was in Costco last sunday and they have a 2 tonne Lifting Jack for about 80 pounds . I was wondering if this would be strong enough to lift an E class 270 cdi . Or should I be looking...
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    Couple of things to do.

    Hi Had the Car in at the Mercedes Indy in Ibrox this morning. After doing the safety check I was informed that the car had 35 fault codes. They appeared to have been stored for some time. And after clearing them appear to be gone. Was told the nearside font Ball Joint had a slight amount of...
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    Locking Wheel Nuts

    I mentioned in an earlier Post that I had bought an E.Class 270 diesel. Bought the Car last Wednesday. Have been looking for the Locking wheel nut key searched the car very thoroughly but no sign. Contacted the person I bought the Car from. The Chap who had owned the Car had passed away not...
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    E.Class 270 Cdi

    Hi Haven't been on the Forum for quite some time. Recently purchased an 04 E.Class 270 Cdi So thought it would be good to have a look around and see what i could find about them on the Forum. Came across some info on the SBC braking seems to be an issue when not working properly . Other than...
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    A170 Autotronic

    Hi Been looking around Today. and have came accross the above. this was at a Mercedes Dealership in Geffnock . I had a look at the Car this afternoon It's an 06 Plate A170 Avantgarde SE with Autotronic Box. Did not have a test drive. will do this tomorrow. When the Wife is with me the Car will...
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    Looking to Purchase a CLK 270

    Hi Been away from the Forum for a while. Last Car i had waa a 230E which I sold some time ago. Was out looking this afternoon for replacement for a Toyota Auris. looked at a few Cars and spotted a CLK 270 CDi. I had the ML Jeep with 270 CDi engine many years ago. The Car in question is an 05...
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    Advice on Used 230E

    Hi Went to look at a 1992 230E saloon today. The Body work was in excellent condition for the Age & Mileage 150000. Had a look around under the engine before starting the Car which has been stored in a Garage for the last couple of weeks. Did the usual checks and found what looked like Oil in...
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    C200 Auto A good Buy ?

    Hi Just joined the Forum This is my first Post. Have seen a C200 Auto For Sale. Have never owned one of these so I'm not quite sure of the Pros & Cons, Its a 1996 C200 Elegance on a P Plate. 140000 Miles. According to the Owner it has Full MB Service History from new. A Full Years Mot the...
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