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    Mortgages And Flood Risk

    My house is in a high groundwater area, and the houses up the road from me flood, the ones down the road get close to flooding, but my house misses it due to it being higher than the others. It's an inexact science and if your neighbours say it doesn't flood and there isn't anything on record...
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    W140 s500

    £4,500 ovno 112,400 miles See full advert here: Used 1998 Mercedes-Benz S Class S500 L for sale in West Sussex | Pistonheads Flickr album:
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    DVLA want proof of manufactured date

    Here's one, I've not had the chance to take any good ones yet as (obviously) haven't had it on the road yet! Flickr album:
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    DVLA want proof of manufactured date

    Thanks all. I found this portal.. Submitted a request.
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    DVLA want proof of manufactured date

    Hi all, I imported a 190 Evo II about a year ago and am finally ready to put it on the road. DVLA is making me jump through some hoops though. One of which is that for some reason they have rejected my Portuguese registration document and stated I need to get proof of manufactured date from...
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    gauging a goodwood trackday interest

    Thanks for the photos Bryan!
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    C63 Black Series Supercharged Stage 3

    What's the noise it's making after the wheels have stopped moving?
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    gauging a goodwood trackday interest

    Would love to see the official photos if the Mbclub guy has them?
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    gauging a goodwood trackday interest

    Was awesome, many thanks again for organising a brilliant day Ricky! First one in three years for me but was great fun looking forward to the next one. :thumb:
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    CLK Black Series owners

    Hi all, I noticed there wasn't a group/club for CLK Black Series owners on Facebook. If you've got one or know someone who has, can you let them know about the new group please? Thanks! The cars are pretty rare especially in the UK so wanted to try and connect a few people...
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    New to me CLK

    Thanks! Prices seem to be about £65-£85k depending on mileage and condition. Mine was at the upper end as it's only got 6k on it. Practically new inside and out, apart from my drool marks that is. :D
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    New to me CLK

    Think he still has it yes.
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    New to me CLK

    I'm thinking about taking my Evo II on the day for a leisurely blat around not sure yet though. Colin will be bringing his Black Series I expect!
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    New to me CLK

    Quick drive yesterday up to Goodwood. Loving this car!
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    Wife wants a "Cute" car.

    Buy the Fiat. I have 300+ bhp out of my Abarth, the thing is a rock. Very well built and drives very well. You won't make a mistake buying one, the quality is top draw and better than the competitors at the price point. Can't tell you how dull and crap to drive a Mito is by comparison.
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    Fastest car you have been in ??

    Fastest car I've been in was a Tesla P85D. It's mind warping how fast these are. If you want to overtake, it's been done before your brain even realises it. Great cars, just need better quality if they're to take on Mercedes at the same price point.
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    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Took my Black out for a ride today, can't wait for summer to unleash the beast!
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    S Class W221 MPG

    43 MPG out of a W221 on a trip is about the best you're going to see. 30 mpg around town is pretty good too. Sounds right to me. My W222 does about 33 around town and I get about 37 barrelling down a motorway. Best I've seen is about 44 mpg setting the auto cruise at 70.
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    S65 wanted!!!!

    There's only about 50-60 in the country I think so not going to be easy to find one full stop.
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    S65 wanted!!!!

    Not really, I took MB for £43,000 on the SL63 I traded it for. ;)
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