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    1994 e320 convertible rear windown motor

    any ideas where i can get one? ive tried all the places i know need the rear right
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    What alternator does my car use?

    which of these does my e320 1994 convertible use? ENGINE - 104992 22 060357 ALTERNATOR Part No : 903GM0310 or ALTERNATOR 90AMP...
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    w124 E320 Convertible Parts

    drivers side rear window motor/regulator thingy alternator bits that are under the front seats that let the seat belt reachers know to come out (mine rusted when car roof leaked when window was open all night)
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    1994 E320 Sportline Convertible

    I bought this in 2012 for about £13,000 Since then ive put my original AMG kit & alloys on it Had the AMG kit resprayed (same colour) Just had the alloys refurbed & new tyres Had a full valet inside & out (inc boot & engine bay) Just had its MOT & a full service Have to sell it as i cant drive...
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    1999 CLK 4.3 V8 Convertible Black

    My mate Frank has just bought a new car (A5 2.0 Diesel) and is going to sell this, just wondered if anyone is interested before he tries auto trader & flebay 1999 4.3 V8 Black 18" Alloys Quad Exhaust System 130,000 ish miles Owned for last 5 years Averaged about 2,000 a year while he had it Two...
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    w124 - Original Wind Break

    This was with my w124 e320 convertible and i dont want it I had it on ebay a few months back and the best offer i got was £350 I should have accepted that Any offers?
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    w124 - 15" 8 Hole Alloys (Set Of 5)

    These were on my w124 E320 Sportline Convertible when i bought it in March 2012, i have now put my 18" alloys on it so these are up for sale first here then ebay if they dont go here after a week or so Ive no idea how to tell if they are the 7.5 sportline ones or even if they are replicas so...
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    w124 - 15" Polished 8 Hole Alloy

    just had a look in the boot of my coupe that im breaking and there was a brand new never used alloy in mint condition, im the 2nd owner of the car (bought oct 2005) and the bloke before me had put 17" AMG's on it so he has never used the wheel either anyone fancy making me an offer? id like a...
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    w124 - Leather Seat Restoring

    Both of the front seats in the convertible are cracked and dirty but no holes thankfully Anyone got any phone numbers that they would recommend that will come to the cambridge area? id rather get a recommendation that pot luck from google cheers
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    w124 E320 Coupe - Breaking

    Now that ive got the convertible im 99% sure i should break GFP2 as its got lots of rust and some electric bits are temperamental so we have taken the big wheels & AMG kit off anyone want any bits like : Sportline Side Skirts (only the pannel next to the front wheel says "Sportline") (LIGHT...
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    GFP 5 - 1994 E320 Sportline Convertible

    Hopefully this will be my last w124 as the only w124 that id prefer to this is the E36 AMG Convertible and i dont have a spare £35,000 to buy one so last night (31/03/12) i bought for me the best w124 ill ever own. I bought it from a man in North London for a bargain £8,250 and its had 3...
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    w124 AMG fog light (rectangle one)

    my kit is on a 1994 coupe and ive got one broken fog light anyone got one, used or new just not broken
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    w124 - Swapping front electric seats

    im about to buy a 1994 w124 e320 convertible (fingers crossed) with twin cream electric seats but the seats are quite worn due to it being in direct sunlight & the bolster is worn ive got 2 other w124 coupes and one has near mint twin electric cream electric seats both cars are 1994, both...
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    Im after a w124 E320 Convertible

    Must be (i know im hoping but) ... E320 1994 Facelift or newer Blue/Black or Azurite Blue Mushroom Leather (Twin electric seats) in very good condition maximum of 2-3 owners 100,000 ish miles with nice history twin air bags picky bits id like (i know even more unrealistic) twin illuminated...
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    w124 Headlamp Wash Wipe Question

    on one of my cars neither the wipers nor the jest work now ive been told that that means they are both broken and both need replacing at quite some expense but on my other w124 the wiper stopped working (dead motor) but the jet still worked so im thinking there would have to be 2 broken...
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    well they have described the car (ive cut n pasted the thread title from their ebay title) as almost every version they have made but i doubt its a e36 and or an amg looks nice though MERCEDES E 320 AMG CONVERTIBLE CABRIOLET e36 coupe ce | eBay
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    w124 Rear Spolier With Built In Brake Light

    I bought this i think in about 2004 as GFP 1 (the sportline) did not have a rear spoiler, i paid about £200 for it but thats a guess as it was many moons ago I then crashed the car and GFP 2 has one on it (but without the brake light in it) So its in my loft gathering spiders and i thought id...
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    Truly Stunning w124 320 Convertible

    Rare that i find one of these that ticks all the boxes, price, colour, condition, electrics, mileage ect. 1993 MERCEDES 320 CE CABRIOLET A BLUE | eBay UK shame is the other end of the world (well its scotland but it might as well be on the moon)
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    w124 are these two faults connected?

    1994 w124 e320 coupe headlamp wash wipers dont wipe (they squirt but neither arms move & heater blows luke warm all the time (if on cold or hot temp is always the same) could they be linked? thanks for any help
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    I think ive sold my car (or hav I)

    ive had 3 emails from some bloke called Danny Rose who sounds british (the way he puts the right words in the wrong order makes me think he is not of these sunny isles) but is obviously trying to do something dodgy its quiet amusing so i thought id put the emails on here EMAIL 1 Hello Seller...
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