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    Mercedes Benz Floating Ipad Screens.

    The thick bezel makes it look like a mounted cheap no-name Chinese tablet bought off DealExtreme or Banggood.
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    Different Car - Different Reaction

    Agree, there is massive difference. I live in inner London and this is my experience on London roads. Going out into Surrey for instance and the driving experience is pleasant regardless of the car i am driving. +1 Pobody. People see an old small car and automatically think it is...
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    Different Car - Different Reaction

    The 190E is a magnet for tailgaters and aggressive drivers galore who seem to want to do their best to pass me, hustle me along or cut me up. I believe they have the perception that a W201 is an "old mans" car and therefore I will be doddering along the road way below the speed limit holding...
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    W140 s500

    Also has an effect on reverse which has two gears (722.6 gearbox). Can't remember which way round but I think W makes it reverse slower and S faster. Try it out, select reverse and you can feel it creep at different speeds between settings.
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    S420 (W140) - help with value and advice

    The car was designed with biodegradable wiring loom insulation from the outset. :doh: :eek: :mad: It was clearly a recognized and acknowledged issue hence why they reverted back to non-degrading looms for MY1996. Heat will speed up the process but degradation is also time dependent. "When, not...
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    S420 (W140) - help with value and advice

    If you want a W140 I would either get an early model that has had the wiring loom done or a later post 1996 model *and* one that is in regular or semi-regular use. These cars don't react well to extensive periods of sitting around - that applies to all vehicles - but they suffer more so because...
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    S420 (W140) - help with value and advice

    I believe that model year suffers from the biodegradable wiring loom/harness insulation issue. There are plenty of threads online about this particular topic The issued was resolved after MY1996 for the W140. From what I have read replacing the upper loom yourself is fairly easy if you...
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    W210 GPS Antenna

    The same thing has happened to my W140. It would appear the plastic cap with seal and rubber can be bought from MB (Part number is A2108270031). I'm not sure what the price is as it doesn't show up on Inchcape's website. However, I do notice on Ebay and Amazon USA that there are rubber kits...
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    Ribbed Mats

    I was about to order from here and then saw your post. What was wrong with your set? Did they not fit properly or was the material poor quality?
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    W140 Clicking Noise Glovebox Area

    The duo valve in the engine bay click/tap very rapidly at much higher frequency than this other noise that I hear. I was thinking the vacuum switchover valve block perhaps but don't know how to test it.
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    W140 Clicking Noise Glovebox Area

    Hi, I've had my W140 for two years and ever since buying it there has been a faint clicking noise coming from the glove box or passenger foot well area. I've timed the gap between each click and it is exactly once every 20 seconds. When the climate control system is off it makes the noise. If...
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    SUPER-hydrophobic coatings

    How is the Soft99 holding up on your mirrors?
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    SUPER-hydrophobic coatings

    There is a UK stockist for these items: Would be interesting to hear experiences of using these products. The videos certainly look amazing. How long does the coating last under real world usage before needing to be reapplied?
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    W140 Advice

    Welcome to the Business Edition club. I have one too. Please do post some pictures up when you have a moment.
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    W124 300 TE Interior - sun visor clips x2

    The clips broke on both my 190Es due to age and the plastic going brittle. I would not buy used ones as they would likely be the same age or older than the ones you already have and may have already gone brittle. I bought the Chinese ones off Ebay mentioned earlier, which fit perfectly and have...
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    Cheap ATF Dipsticks for 722.6##

    Could you post the part number? Is this suitable for all 722.6 equipped cars or is it model specific?
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    FSH ...what does this mean?

    FSH to me means that the car has been serviced to meet the manufacturer's servicing recommendations by a combination of dealer and independent garages. The manufacturers servicing recommendations should be treated as a baseline to meet the definition of FSH. If the car was serviced more...
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    E320 w124 £15,950.....

    Ironprice has a E320 Sportline in green/black with 63k on the clock for £14k
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    Amg e55 estate £999!

    I hate it when people manipulate the pricing filter on Ebay and Autotrader. If I'm in the market for a £999 car what is suddenly going to make me decide to buy a car £2000 more than my budget? Alternatively, if I'm in the market for a £2999 car I won't see the advert because the price filter...
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    Drastically reduced W126 500 SEL. Sort of.

    Yes, a lot of classic car dealers and specialists work to aim to double their money. So look at Ironside's website and divide the asking price by two and that is likely what he paid for it.
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