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  1. ss201

    Trough of Bowland

    Please do not visit or even mention this little known, out of the way, horrendously awful region. It's an abomination, owned in the most part by two poverty-stricken landowners, the Duke of Westminster and the Duke of Lancaster (aka HMQE2). Neither of them encourage the likes of you, you and you...
  2. ss201

    The Italian Job

    Mr Tyrell can deliver another kind of tune, too. I doubt he needed to use autotune in the recording studio either!
  3. ss201

    Sunroof Recall

    No coffee on offer at the dealership, on my visit - just bottled water. Receptionist(s) nothing special, sadly. As a follow up, I forwarded the vehicle health check video and report to my trusted indie - who knows the car inside out. He looked at it last night. This morning, over the phone and...
  4. ss201

    Sunroof Recall

    The "sunroof recall" took place today at my nearest main dealer. On arrival, I was informed that my car would be given a free vehicle health check. The "3 hours required to carry out the inspection" turned into 6 hours. I was given a report on the car's mechanical condition, sent a video of the...
  5. ss201

    Sunroof Recall

    Received the recall letter for my 2005 W203 320CDi estate yesterday.
  6. ss201

    What's everyone listening to ?

    Just dug out the 1991 Little Village album and played it again a few times - Ry Cooder, John Hiatt, Nick Lowe & Jim Keltner - what a band! This was the promo video: great chorus - with a not very well concealed double meaning (and a great put down line!), fast cars, greasy overalls, sexy...
  7. ss201

    Post a Spotify Playlist

    If anyone's in doubt as to why The Eagles picked Steuart Smith to replace Don Felder. have a listen to this little selection.
  8. ss201

    Unusual (but brilliant) Covers

    Not sure if this counts as a "cover" - as Robbie Robertson was a member of The Band, who wrote & recorded the original all those years ago, but this is one hell of a masterpiece of playing, singing and production.
  9. ss201

    Unusual (but brilliant) Covers

    Joe Cocker's cover of "With a little help from my friends" Always loved Joe's version of this Lennon/McCartney song. Shame Joe's miming in this video...... A little lighter, but a superb cover of a great CS&N song. I've posted this before, but I'm still amazed that the two girls in this LIVE...
  10. ss201

    Anyone Interested In A Guitar Thread?

    Our drummer locked his keys in the car. Took us two hours to get the bass player out. That's not kind!! Q:. What does a bass player use as a contraceptive? A. His personality. Q. What's the similarity between a bass solo and a tornado? A. You can see them both coming a mile off, and...
  11. ss201

    Unusual (but brilliant) Covers

    Because he can
  12. ss201

    Unusual (but brilliant) Covers

    The lass who plays the keyboard intro has much better legs than Chick Corea. The rest of the band are pretty tasty too, including the harmonica player.
  13. ss201

    Vocals that suddenly make you stop and listen....

    Here's a voice and a half. What a performance and sung live: great tonal quality and range, voice control and superb microphone technique (pay attention Jay-Z and all you rappers). Lovely sounding Guild acoustic guitar too.
  14. ss201

    Dame Vera Lynn dies aged 103 years.

    Respect to the Dame. I can't imagine Taylor Swift doing anything as unselfish and generous with her time. It's little wonder Dame Vera was so special to the troops who fought during the war, and their families back home, too.
  15. ss201

    If you had only one album...................

    Ry Cooder - Bop Til You Drop
  16. ss201

    Trumps Beginning of the end

    Lest we forget
  17. ss201

    What's everyone listening to ?

    Super saxy - a tune written by a bunch of lads from Dundee, arranged and conducted by the president of Led Zeppelin's record company with a balding singer busking it on drums - and it works. Go figure!
  18. ss201

    Change one letter of a Band or Artist.

    Psychedelic Curs K.D. Land Spandau Pallet Tank Talk Bob Barley & The Wailers Fade
  19. ss201

    iconic photograph

    wrt Ringo Starr, I would rate him as one of, if not THE luckiest man who has ever lived. Why? Some of the world's best and busiest session drummers are big fans of Ringo's playing - including Jim Keltner and the amazing Greg Bisonette. Ringo got the gig with the Beatles because he was a great...
  20. ss201

    Film Quotes

    "For a moment there I thought we were in trouble".
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