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  1. Meldrew2

    Home electrical advice req.

    A 13a double socket should be capable of supplying power to both appliances - in theory - but it is under a greater element of thermal stress so may fail in time... ten years is not bad and the failure of one side first implies that the fault is the socket rather than the wiring... but if the...
  2. Meldrew2

    Caption Competition

    In third place... Second place goes to... But the winner has to be... Over to you, Flyinspanner!
  3. Meldrew2

    Leasing vs Purchasing.

    I wrote my post first ... I suppose I should have realised when I saw that the OP was Ringway ...
  4. Meldrew2

    Leasing vs Purchasing.

    I don't do a lot of mileage, and tend to keep cars for many years... my ML was about 12 years old and still going strong (until a guy in a Mini came along while it was parked) so PCP or leasing isn't for me. I just buy them from savings. Maybe it isn't the most tax-efficient method, but with no...
  5. Meldrew2

    Handy hint..

    We don't like ice cubes. To be honest, we don't like anything frozen. We prefer fresh...
  6. Meldrew2

    Caption Competition

    Any more? (I'll choose a winner soon if not...)
  7. Meldrew2

    Caption Competition

    Thanks, Harrythedog. Let's see what you can make of this...
  8. Meldrew2

    Caption Competition

    "Okay, this is where we will put the chicane" Huawei get their revenge for being kicked out of the UK's 5G network with their design for HS2.
  9. Meldrew2

    AMG badge fell off- is my car still an AMG ?

    That's incredible acceleration if you can leave your badge behind you...
  10. Meldrew2

    Caption Competition

    "And you say that Brunel's Great Western managed to change the track width throughout their network in a weekend?" "He didn't have to @&$# around with risk assessments though..."
  11. Meldrew2

    Caption Competition

    ... but Tom Tom said ...
  12. Meldrew2

    Opions on my new number plate

    I currently have AC62 BMW ... my initials, my year of birth and the last three 'car specific'. I realise that it's useless on other makes, but it wasn't a very dear purchase.
  13. Meldrew2

    Caption Competition

    Water in the carburettor?
  14. Meldrew2

    Caption Competition

    "Why not just put your loss behind you?"
  15. Meldrew2

    Even more new jokes...

    Two men walk into a bar. The third one ducks...
  16. Meldrew2

    If you were President of the World what would you ban?

    I'd ban all Vauxhalls, Peugeots and especially Nissan Micras, and anything modified by the "max power" brigade. Oh, and I'd ban Audis. That goes without saying.
  17. Meldrew2

    4D 5mm number plates - opinions ?

    I put a pair on my X4 in April - so too early to say for certain how durable they are but I have to admit that I like the appearance - clean and crisp. You do have to be careful drilling them though...
  18. Meldrew2

    Caption Competition

    Top Gear attempts to recreate the "Trandem" originally seen in "The Goodies" in a special "Scrapyard Challenge" episode.
  19. Meldrew2

    Poland invades Czech Republic by mistake!!

    Surely the border could be marked... maybe with flagPOLES...
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