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  1. Fuji

    New W204 C-Class owners discussion

    Hi Bob, First - check with your accountant about getting the car through your Ltd - as it is a company car, will you have to pay BIK? For options, I would test drive a car with the sunroof fitted. If you are over 5'10" you may find that the headroom feels a bit cramped with it fitted, even...
  2. Fuji

    W204 interior ambient lighting

    It only comes on when your headlights are on (i.e. green light illuminated in the dash).
  3. Fuji

    C Class Coupe parking

    I've tried it once and it is really pointless. You have to follow the guide in the small display while reversing, which means that you have to trust it completely and hope that no small children or animals run out behind you (as you wont be looking out for them). The instant you deviate a tiny...
  4. Fuji

    Should I buy the new C Class Coupe?

    IIRC Brooklands are MB UK as are Epsom (who I would recommend).
  5. Fuji

    Should I buy the new C Class Coupe?

    For me ... get the basics right, then add on the frills until you run out of budget. Basics : Engine Transmission Suspension The 3 engines to look at are the 220CDI, 250CDI and the 350CGI. There is a lot of difference between them, but for me the sweet spot between power, perfomance and...
  6. Fuji

    2012 New York Auto Show

    What have wE here? Spotted at the NY Auto Show..
  7. Fuji

    7G+ Top Tips

    It is debadged, and IMO looks better that way. Did you actually look at the MBUK website? Be nice to keep this thread remotely on topic, there are dedicated threads for discussing AMG branding (and debadging). :thumb:
  8. Fuji

    7G+ Top Tips

    Thread for all the undocumented features of the 7G+ gearbox. These tips may also apply to the older 7G or even the C63 MCT box - I dont know, but maybe owners can help out and post their experiences and other Top Tips below :thumb: * Most Important 7G+ Tip : when in D mode, all...
  9. Fuji

    £10 in a National Savings Investment Account

    They sent you the book back with an IOU note?
  10. Fuji

    Are electric cars the future?

    Most KERS systems are actually big flywheels rather than battery packs. Hybrid systems are being developed with smaller flywheel and a battery pack.
  11. Fuji

    Help! Can't make a decision. C class colour and interior.

    Silver + black will go much better than silver + sand. Attached is Obsidean + Sahara + piano black inlay. Why not have a play with the configurator? The colours seem to be reasonably accurate. Palladium with black interior was my second choice, but something inside kept telling me that there's...
  12. Fuji

    Are electric cars the future?

    Look at how much progress we have seen in battery technology over the past 10 years. But once a standard is in place, this battery swap scheme will put a halt to any future progress : all car batteries will have to have the same characteristics in order to be able to match this huge new...
  13. Fuji

    Problem with DAB in W204 - Audio 20

    Have you set any presets? If you press and hold a number on the number pad (in my car, the number pad is in the dash, to the right of the CD slot), it will store the station against that preset. Even if this doesn't fix the problem, it'll make it quicker to get to a station you DO want to...
  14. Fuji

    C63 seats

    All the C-Coupe's have them. Don't think they would really suit a 4/5 door car, especially as you lose the middle seat in the back.
  15. Fuji

    Are electric cars the future?

    Nice find Sp!ke, and this is exactly what I mean about hybrids being the future. One of the bus routes around here has gone fully E-REV as part of a London-wide trial (link). They are seeing big benefits, i.e. 30% fuel reduction, so will probably be a common sight in the years to come. My...
  16. Fuji

    Are electric cars the future?

    Quarter-ton ;) And mass is mass. The pedestrian wont care if the mass is evenly distributed or if it's all at the front... or the mid... or the back. The entire kinetic energy of the impact will be focused on a relatively small area.
  17. Fuji

    Are electric cars the future?

    I live in a flat. How do I plug my car in overnight?
  18. Fuji

    Are electric cars the future?

    Personally, I think that BEVs are good for light inner-city use, and milk floats, but not much else. I think the mainstream will all move over to hybrids and then onto something like H2. Pure BEV's like the Tesla S will remain a niche for a couple of reasons : Power/weight - a 30-litre tank...
  19. Fuji

    C63 vs R8

    If you are going to get one, get the R8 V10 - it's a masterpiece, in that it is the most practical supercar you can own, and a big step up from the V8 in terms of delivering the full potential of the platform. Plus it sounds so much better... The downside is that you get all the "supercar"...
  20. Fuji

    Constant 'Java Updates'

    Java can be used as an attack vector for malware, hence the constant security updates. In the end, I just uninstalled it, and found one application that failed afterwards, which I could do without anyway. Just a thought.
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