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  1. Nibbo

    Big mobile bill; any help or advice...

    Not sure about iPhone apps but I have installed Net Sentry on my android. This monitors my internet usage and you can set a usage limit. I have set mine to 90% after which it prevents the phone from using the internet. Does not solve your problem but would stop it happening again.
  2. Nibbo

    Insurance claims vehicle by vehicle

    And certainly never going to be stolen!
  3. Nibbo

    New printer needed

    Can't offer any good advice but all I will say is I will never buy another HP product EVER. I bought a wireless all in one which has so much bloatware it slowed my laptop down and the drivers need to be reinstalled vitually everytime I use it. It is now back in its box! I will watch this...
  4. Nibbo

    F1 2011

    Not jealous at all... have fun. :eek: I've just lost an hour!
  5. Nibbo

    FREE to anyone who wants them

    Moving house soon so having a clear-out and came across a few bits that someone may find useful. The are FREE but I don't have the time (or the inclination) to post them so collection only I am afraid. We have... W203 Headlight switch with folding mirror buttons. W203 Left and right...
  6. Nibbo

    Lights switch - No off position - W204

    My OLD W203 has auto lights and an off switch. I usually just leave it on auto as it seems to work very well. The only exception is driving along a road lined with trees that have thick canopies. In these circumstances they keep switching on and back off which is annoying and a bit...
  7. Nibbo

    w203 estate 2004 remove boot cover help

    Hi Markedes, not sure about everyone else but I for one am not entirely sure what it is you want to know. What is a yaw/lateral sensor? What are you struggling to remove? A picture may help.
  8. Nibbo

    W209 CLK headlamp washer pump - location?`

    In terms of location I would suggest you try removing the passenger side wheel arch liner. That's where they all are on the W203 and the W209 is very similar.
  9. Nibbo

    Told insurer about fitting winter tyres...

    Would it not be easier to steal with winter tyres on? Perhaps the insurance should be increased!
  10. Nibbo

    W203 C240 N/S Mirror Indicator

    It could be the wiring especially if you have folding mirrors as these tend to slowly wear through the loom causing them to short. It is a simple job to remove the cover and check the wires / connections. Fold the mirror so that the glass faces to car door and look down the hinged end. You...
  11. Nibbo

    W203 Key fob not opening car (Not fob battery)

    oooops... good spot DB. I hadn't noticed that both had failed in the first post.
  12. Nibbo

    W203 Key fob not opening car (Not fob battery)

    I had the same and sorry to say it was just dead and I had to buy a new one from MB for about £200.
  13. Nibbo

    Audio Volume on startup

    Very strange... it should just go back to how it was when you turned the ignition off. I will have a look to see if there is a setting anywhere in mine but I sure if I put it on really low before I park up then it will be really low when I start it up next. When you start the car does it...
  14. Nibbo

    2005 cls sat nav

    Sorry for the late reply, been away all week with no Internet access... Not sure what can be done in there but I did read a scary threat where someone had fried the boot data rendering the unit useless. If you just go in, have a sneaky look and come straight back out it should be OK. Funny...
  15. Nibbo

    2005 cls sat nav

    I don't think it shows the number of sat's unless you go into the 'secret' menu. Press and hold the mute button along with 3 4 & 6 for a couple of seconds. Be careful not to accidentally amend the settings in there though!
  16. Nibbo

    2005 cls sat nav

    Hi Drixton and welcome to the forum... Does it say 'off map' or 'off road'? If it is 'off road' then you may be in an area that is not included in your version of the maps. i.e. an older map in an newly built estate etc... If that is the case then a newer disk may help. When you drive off...
  17. Nibbo

    I've been sold a lemon, 450SL 1979

    What does the log book say?
  18. Nibbo

    Disciplinery Hearings

    Normally yes as they would need to present the evidence against him/her. However... if 'they' (HR or whoever is overseeing it) felt that it would be unsafe to reveal the persons name, for example they felt that the person would be harmed or victimised for comming forward, then they can refuse...
  19. Nibbo

    Outlook Help Required

    Have you tried running scanpst? That will sort out any corrupted pst files.
  20. Nibbo

    1TB/4GB multimedia PC with 21" screen for £600. Where's the catch?

    Aldi do this from time to time and as far as I am aware there have been no quality / reliability issues. 3 year warranty anyway! That does seem like a fantastic deal; tempted to drop mine while the wife is out with the dogs so I can get one! The only problem you may have is getting hold of...
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