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  1. azaman

    BMW 530d GT - 2010

    My own car for sale if anyone is interested. 2010 SE, 54K miles, FSH, Good spec car, £14k ONO BMW 5 SERIES GRAN TURISMO 3.0 530d SE 5dr
  2. azaman

    Well well well

    Check the glow plug module - went on my w211 320cdi and gave a similar hard start like you describe
  3. azaman

    Genuine Xenon Ballast

  4. azaman

    Genuine Xenon Ballast

    Bump and grind - open to offers on this unit
  5. azaman

    ViseeO MB-2

    Now SOLD
  6. azaman

    NTG1 2008 V8.0 Europe DVD

    Now SOLD
  7. azaman

    NTG1 2008 V8.0 Europe DVD

    Thanks for the thought provoking reply. I thought 2008 in the title was some sort of part no, but thanks to you, I now realize this is actually the year of the disc!! Given the disc is now 7 years old I will pay someone to take it off my hands...
  8. azaman

    NTG1 2008 V8.0 Europe DVD

    In full working order although there are a few marks on the disk. I can include a free Brucey bonus with this - pm me for details. Asking £15 including postage.
  9. azaman

    ViseeO MB-2

    ViseeO MB-2 bluetooth adapter. In perfect working order and good condition. Used daily with an iphone and android phone. Complete with box, cables and manual. Asking £80 + p&p
  10. azaman

    Genuine Xenon Ballast

    Xenon ballast and level control module in almost as new condition. Fits several models from around 2006 on - please check part nos before buying. Purchased a few years ago and only ended up being used for a month, been sat in a cupboard since. Asking £80 ono + p&p which is a fraction of the...
  11. azaman

    CLS steering issue

    My 08 W211 had a pretty bad left pull like yours. I had my top+bottom ball joints replaced and then had proper 4 wheel alignment on a ramp, using a large alien looking machine. The alignment cost about £80 but the car finally drives in a straight line.
  12. azaman

    Artico to Leather?

    Mine has cracked in exactly the same place + the backrest bolster has also started! Been quoted £250 to repair both in NW London. Pretty sure the base can be removed but you need to take the seat out to remove the trim + lugs holding it in.
  13. azaman

    iPhone 5s 16gb

    Any colour, must be in very good condition. PM if you have one for sale please.
  14. azaman

    W211 E class dipped beam

    Change both bulbs if you want a good colour match
  15. azaman

    W211 E class dipped beam

  16. azaman

    W211 E class dipped beam

    You can get a set from eBay for £30. Had them in mine for over a year without issue.
  17. azaman

    Heater fan location

    The interior fan has started making a high pitched noise at certain speeds on my 08 W211. Any idea where is located or how to get to it? Want to try giving it some lube before splashing any cash on a new one.
  18. azaman

    To the left to the left...

    My W211 has always had a little pull to the left. I recently had the front ball joints changed and the garage recommended having the wheel alignment redone. I took it to a local tyre place in place in Wembley that has a laser machine. £36 later I was told all is good and was sent on my way. I...
  19. azaman

    Seat covers - me no undertsand

    What do you think the 5th headrest cover is for...
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