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  1. rockits

    Highish miles e55k 7 seater Estate

    I saw that the other night as well. I'm not afraid of miles but not sure if that is getting too much or needs to be silly silly cheap maybe.
  2. rockits

    CLS55 Back Up For Sale

    Only in St Albans a few miles down the road from me
  3. rockits

    CLS55 Back Up For Sale interior shots or under bonnet shots which is unusual.
  4. rockits

    CLS55 Back Up For Sale

    I saw this one Dec 19 at Autoclass and nearly bought it but was nibbled to the post by a few hours as got too busy doing work so dawdled! It was sold for circa £7.5k at the time I believe but wondering why the seller might be selling so quick after just over 6 months. Anyone know this one...
  5. rockits


    SOLD & DEPOSIT RECEIVED. Subject to balance payment and collection this weekend. So glad it is going to someone who is going to use it often and more than I would have done the next year. Also seems it will get a lovely international run soon as well.
  6. rockits


    Overview & timelines of the Service History/MOT. Also copy of HPI check I did when I bought it last year and AMTIS print out:
  7. rockits


    Well after a little discussion in my head I've decided to commit to the sale of my lovely look and lovely sounding V8 Vantage. A combination of factors and projects mean I must put on my sensible head and accept I am unlikely to drive the car much over the next 12-24 months. I already have 4...
  8. rockits

    Most accurate broadband speed test/BT telling porkies?

    If you are using a VPN and the default gateway is the remote gateway your Internet speed is limited but the speed of the Internet connection at the remote end. You can set the VPN to use your local gateway for Internet traffic at full speed using your local Internet connection. The VPN is only...
  9. rockits

    Most accurate broadband speed test/BT telling porkies?

    As above check some different speed checkers. Wireless is often much slower than wired. You will never ever get 100% as there is overhead and losses routing through devices. A kin to a car on a rolling road with flywheel and wheel horse power I guess. Not quite 15% but 0-10% sometimes...
  10. rockits

    Very nice looking 124 230ce

    I had a lovely Azurite Blue N/96 320CE Sportline Convertible a couple of years back. Bought well, did some work and got an offer I couldn't refuse so sold. I'd love to get 124 320 Coupe though. My brother has a 300 Coupe which he has got in fine fettle now.
  11. rockits

    Nice Looking - 124 320 coupe

    Doesn't look genuine to me and it is priced wrong if it was surely?
  12. rockits

    High Mileage SLK55 Purchase - Wise?

    Might be worth waiting until next summer.....not sure we are all going to see much of this one!
  13. rockits

    CLS55 IWC for sale… the Everly Brothers would sing.......Drrrrreeeeeaaaaam, dream dream dreeeeeam [emoji3] Ilford car dealer......7 previous owners......£30k.....a few days late for an April fool isn't it! I bet they have min £10k margin in that car at that price! You can buy a nice non-IWC for half...
  14. rockits

    E55 AMG on TV tonight

    Just watched it [emoji6] Agreed still prefer a 211 as was never a fan of the 210 bit still great VFM.
  15. rockits

    R129 - Use of Axle stands

    If you ever use lumps of wood make sure it is structural grade timber at.the very least. High density rubber blocks would be better. A couple of the SGS axle stands I have come with rubber tops to limit damage a little.
  16. rockits

    What’s your perfect three car garage?

    Tough....only 3?!
  17. rockits

    Car Tax proposal buried in the budget.

    Bit of a generalisation and sweeping statement though. In the main you might be right but many car enthusiasts have saved and sacrificed a great deal to afford a car of their dreams. They might not be rich so to tax it this way seems a little blasé.
  18. rockits

    E55 £6995

    There is just been a Quattroporte come on the market as well with only 63k miles for £5989! Funny times.
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