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  1. TKvS

    Who needs the gym

    I ordered new brake discs recently......the delivery guy says 'these are heavy' I asked him to put them in my garage (read...shed).....later in the week I tried to put them in the boot.....couldn't do it, peripheral polyneuropathy means I have virtually no grip in my hands.....I went to the...
  2. TKvS

    W220 Airmatic supporting car when not in use? Any thoughts?

    I can't vouch for the authenticity of this....but the specialist that does my servicing says 'there are always suspension problems if you leave them lying without using them' of the reasons I avoided airmatic....I spend up to 6 months away at times in the Far East...don't need problems...
  3. TKvS

    The man in Halfords got very upset..

    E-mail.....wot's e-mail...can you buy it at the Post Office...'cos I don't have one of those.....where's mah receipt ?
  4. TKvS

    Have I gone OTT

    Don't pay any attention to what others what YOU want to do.......remember one simple thing......most other Merc owners out there are NOT members on here...ergo..they don't sit in judgement upon what you do with your's only the 'experts' on here...mostly purists that give a...
  5. TKvS

    Cls w219 boot lid seal

    Pleasantly surprised....I hope so.....t'would be the first time a stealership has done that :thumb:
  6. TKvS

    Cls w219 boot lid seal

    Thanks...I mean the actual rubber boot seal that runs from the window down both sides and meets just short of and above the licence plate.....about 5ft in length :D
  7. TKvS

    Cls w219 boot lid seal

    Anyone replaced their boot lid rubber seal on a CLS W219, just noticed mine's is deteriorating. Any advice, prices, part no's, how-to's or YT videos welcome. Thank you in advance.
  8. TKvS

    My front badge star

    ^^^ Sorry...I'm not following that logic :dk:
  9. TKvS

    My front badge star

    I think that's the star that's used in Distronic equipped cars.....! I'd quite like to fit the same to my CLS..purely for cosmetic purposes (no Distronic fitted)....either that or I fancy an illuminated star...problem is trying to get the right diameter details as they seem to vary a...
  10. TKvS

    Someone tried to steal my car

    You can replace the push button surrounds with a nerw set of pins from t'Bay....most come as AMG or Brabus logos ! Non-OEM Universal STAR LOGO CHROME DOOR LOCK PINS SET 4PC | eBay Mercedes-Benz Door Pin Door Lock Bushing Chrome W209 C209 A209 CLK Coupe | eBay
  11. TKvS

    Unusual Aston Martin

    Those black plastic air vents (Ford / Kia?) certainly don't convey any sense of fine luxury motoring....and an open drop-in cup holder.......:eek: They should have named it the 'Tariff'......:fail
  12. TKvS

    Lost for words !

    You should have Rab C Nesbitted her....gave her the malky...... ...amazing how it'd alter her opinion.....:rolleyes:
  13. TKvS

    law ...........

    Follow slackbladder's advice .....wise a he one is !
  14. TKvS

    law ...........

    Mine just went thru' it's MOT, passed with no advisories, despite having a condensation filled front fog light, (now replaced)....which I was reliably informed by a 'worthy expert' would be an automatic failure, personally I think it all depends on whether the inspector / mechanic had his 'ego'...
  15. TKvS

    How to launch an automatic ?

    'Launching' you say, isn't that what manual gearboxes are for !!!
  16. TKvS

    Carbon fibre mirrors covers yes or no ???

    I hadn't noticed....maybe it's just me:cool:
  17. TKvS

    Carbon fibre mirrors covers yes or no ???

    It's your car,your money,do what pleases you, not what pleases or riles others, I sit in 'my' car every day, no-one else's. I'm currently fitting red badges on my CLS, along with non OEM 20" wheels, I refrain from posting photos because of judgemental purists. As for CF, being a more mature...
  18. TKvS

    Worse ever

    Perhaps they're offering up due reverence or indeed irreverence by virtue of your moniker :cool:
  19. TKvS

    Worse ever

    I understood it perfectly, tho' I appreciate that others less gifted with linguistic skills may have found it. A) Funny B) Difficult to comprehend. Can't quite see what's funny in another member's pain.....nor why it was so difficult to understand his pain, even by usage of a secondary...
  20. TKvS

    CLS W219 grille change

    Yes......easy for sale in the classifieds scetion. Price reduced to £85.
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