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  1. Dave Richardson

    W169 front disc

    I used to use Pagid on my old 169 & found them to be fine or you could look on E bay as Mercedes Edinburgh & Mercedes Newcastle place posts on there for reduced price (older stock) & you would have OE parts On E bay Look for item 121305673139 (rears)…... 121949112576 (fronts) GLK (Dave) may...
  2. Dave Richardson

    DAB A Class 2016

    Only last week I bought a Nextbase DAB 250 & fitted it into my late 2013 A class. I removed the display screen & glove box (look on youtube...
  3. Dave Richardson

    Battery charger recommendation

    CTEK 5.0 No question about it at all, quality product that works well
  4. Dave Richardson

    Hello From Portsmouth

    Visit often, look around, contribute when you are able & above all make friends:)
  5. Dave Richardson


    Visit often, look around, contribute when you are able & above all make friends:)
  6. Dave Richardson

    What are common problems of A180?

    Big problem with the A class is water leaks from failed air vents that are situated behind the rear bumper, firstly check for damp rear carpets seriously look here Water in rear passenger footwell & you could also search water leaks on that forum Dave
  7. Dave Richardson

    How funny will the car drive with one new front tyre?

    Your life & that of your family rely on the footprint of your cars tyres why take any risk ? why not consider putting the partly worn one as a spare & buying two new quality tyres for the same axle
  8. Dave Richardson

    Becker MP Speed Camera Alerts.

    Could someone help me out on this one please? Since reinstalling the update on my Becker unit I can't find how to turn on the speed camera alerts, I think they were named 'Danger Spots' I just can't find them in the settings menu. Could someone tell me where I can find them Please? Many...
  9. Dave Richardson

    Good independents in far SW Cornwall?

    I use & recommend Mercare in Plymouth 01752 226282
  10. Dave Richardson

    Collision prevention assist.

    I had the same message pop up on my A Class, dirty sensor I'm told on the grill badge
  11. Dave Richardson

    Anyone else watching Flipping Bangers

    Yeah, I had it set to record but oh dear what a pair of chumps, fancy buying a 1975 P reg Alfa that had been in a field for years, it was obvious that it would be a rot box...... Yet to watch the 190E but I dread to think of the story line.
  12. Dave Richardson

    Most expensive bottle of water ever!

    Best to contact a really good S/H parts dealer like Dronsfields & ask them
  13. Dave Richardson

    Wet carpet under driver and passenger seats

    Sorry to hear that you've found that your car has the inherent water leaking vents & hope that MB sort it for you Look here Search results for query: water in footwell read others experiences Hoping the mods don't kick me off now for posting a link to another forum
  14. Dave Richardson

    hell thanks for letting me in

    Welcome to the forum, nice looking car
  15. Dave Richardson

    Hi, thanks for having me in the group.

    Welcome to the forum, visit often. Contribute when you’re able and of Make friends
  16. Dave Richardson

    Wet carpet under driver and passenger seats

    I’d keep an eye on your carpets mate, the water that leeks into the car from the detiorated rear seals travels through the box sections into the cabin area. Check the posts on aclass owners club
  17. Dave Richardson

    Hey Folks, a new...

    This is taking the P out of the basic 30 post rule which is only in place to prevent for sale posts & then for new members to vanish.
  18. Dave Richardson

    New member

    Welcome Tom, Visit often & look around, contribute when you are able & above all Make Friends :thumb:
  19. Dave Richardson

    Meguiars carnauba wax and products

    Megs, all the way :thumb:
  20. Dave Richardson

    C220 Engine feels like a slug

    If the engine doesn't rev above 3000 rpm then the engine is in limp mode that is likely to point towards an EGR valve or other breathing related issue . Best to get the car to an engineer with a Star machine or similar good quality diagnostic equipment & get the car read for faults, guessing &...
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