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    Backrest seat cover replace W220

    Hello I would like to replace the front backrest cover with cushion on my W220 S Class. Does anyone know what are the steps to do this job? Thanks
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    W124 wheels fit on W210?

    Hello I have a quick question. I would like to know if 15” wheels from W124 will fit on a W210 E230. Specs of wheels: 15x6.5 ET44 Thanks Jake
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    Stuck in park - please help

    Hello Having some issues with my shift lever. Noticed that my shift lever became harder to shift out of park until today, where it came stuck. When I switch off and switch ignition again, am then able to get the lever out of park. I have a diagnostic tool and had fault code P1925 - “ Drive...
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    S500 - Noise when braking

    Hello So, I am getting a roaring noise when braking from high speed. It sounds just like a broken wheel bearing. The noise comes from the front of the car. When I stop braking and let the car slow down on its own, the noise goes away. So I replaced several parts but was not successful at...
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    W124 M102 - misfiring

    Hello, I am having a misfiring issue with my W124 230E. The car has not run for 2 years. I have changed the oil, air filter, oil filter, coolant till now. I have taken a small video which could help diagnose the problem. Every time I give gas, there is a misfire but as the engine gets warm...
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    RPM drops when giving gas??

    Hello everyone, So, am having an issue with my W220 that has the 7G gearbox. Rpm tends to drop each time I give it a bit of gas while cruising. Then picks up speed as normal. Please see video for reference. I think that it may be related to the torque converter. Would be great if I could get...
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    Clicking noise on acceleration

    Hi all, I have an S500 (W220) and am hearing faint clicking noise on acceleration. Would be great if I could get some advice on what may be the cause of this noise. Please find below all the details relating to this noise: - Faint clicking noise on acceleration only - Noise goes away as the...
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    Used cylinder heads

    Hello everyone, So, I bought used cylinder heads for my M113 engine on ebay and they came today. I do not have much experience on how to check if they are in good condition or not but I believe to have noticed some flaws. Would be great if anyone could check if the dents, scratches, etc are...
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    Trouble code - please help

    Hello I have a 2004 S500 and performed a diagnostic through icarsoft. Got code P200C-064 but the details are not found in the diagnostic tool's database. Tried to search on the net but could not find the definition of this error code. Would appreciate if anyone could help me out Thanks Jake
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    Seats for W220

    Hello I am looking to buy front seats covers, seats cushion or the complete front seats for my W220 S500 facelift version. Had a look on ebay but could not find the color that I need. My car has the perforated grey (facelift) seats. If anyone is selling or knows where I can buy, please let...
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    Engine sounds different after oil change?

    Hi all, I have a 2004 S500 (m113 engine) and did an oil change yesterday. Have been using shell 5w40 fully synthetic oil for years. But yesterday, I switched to Motul 8100 5w40 100% synthetic. I noticed that the car runs better but the engine sounds louder than usual in high RPM ranges (3500...
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    Is this an issue or just normal? Please help

    Hello everyone, So I have a 2004 S-class with the 7 speed auto gearbox and the car is having some weird reaction when overtaking or after slowing down and accelerating again. When pressing the gas pedal while overtaking, acceleration would not be instant. There is sometime a drop in RPM before...
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    CLK wheels on W124

    Hello everyone, I have a W124 230E and I would like to fit 16" CLK wheels on it. Actually the wheels are 16x7 ET37. Same wheels as shown in the photo. But am not sure which bolts to buy. Would be grateful if you guys could guide me on the correct bolts to go for. Thanks Jake
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    Worth investing in DAS, Xentry?

    Hello, I was wondering if updating the TCU and ECU software could be a DIY procedure, assuming you have all the necessary equipment; DAS and laptop. Have looked on ebay and found many DAS and laptop combo at very good prices. Have heard that only dealers can actually reflash and perform...
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    Transmission Help

    Hi all, So I have a W220 with the 7 speed transmission (722.9) and having some issues with it. When coming out of a junction and when giving more gas than required, Rpm will rise and then suddenly drop and then accelerate again as normal. So in short, there is sometimes a slight RPM drop...
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    Rotors diameter W220

    Good evening, I have a 2004 S500 (W220) and my front brake rotors are shot. I ordered a pair of ATE front rotors with dimension 312 x28 mm. The mechanic found that the new rotors are slightly smaller in diameter than the Old ones and said that they won't fit with the existing calipers/brake...
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    Gearbox noisy when in park?

    Hello all, Have noticed a clunking noise coming from the gearbox when in park. But when in drive or reverse, the noise goes away. I have just replaced the torque converter some months ago. If you guys could help, that would be great. Thanks :) Video of the noise:
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    Noise underneath @ idle?

    Good evening, I have a 2004 S500 and I need some advice concerning a noise that comes after long drives only. Actually, the noise comes from underneath the car (engine - transmission area). Noise is more noticeable when I stand near the front doors. The noise is not very noticeable under the...
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    Aircon (Hot) - Driverside only

    Hello everyone, Getting an issue with the rear AC. The driver side (i.e right) of the car is very hot; i.e the armrest, cupholder, front storing compartment and ashtray. Have made some research and found that it might be the rear AC being set on high. But actually the rear AC does not even...
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    Vibration on kickdown?

    Hello, I have noticed a very minor vibration while driving around 30mph and suddenly pressing the gas pedal to the floor (kickdown). Was thinking that it might be the tranny, guibo or driveshafts. Would be great to get some input Thanks
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