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    Golf GTI Edition 30

    Now on Auto Trader
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    Golf GTI Edition 30

    My brother in law is just about to advertise his Golf. Giving the forum a heads up before the advert goes live. He has owned it from new and it has no stories. Being serviced today (major). His model 3 Tesla has arrived and so genuine reason for sale. I can put you in touch if you are...
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    S211 phone not pairing

    I hope that someone is able to offer some advice I have a 2004 s211 with phone prep. The hand free system has always worked without fault. Now the phone (iPhone 6) will pair with the module in the centre cubby hole but no phone is registered on the comand screen. I have switched off phone/...
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    s212 e500

    Don’t know the engine code I am afraid, others may be able to enlighten us. Pre facelift car and less power than he one in the s212. Plenty for me though :)
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    s212 e500

    Just checking in to make sure you are looking after those e500s for when I need to replace my s211 e500 ( ex- LondonScottish owned). Pushing 160k miles in it now and still running really well. Hoping I will get 200k out of it before any major catastrophe! My wife has a cooper S convertible...
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    The old girl keeps going

    I am hoping you will sell it to me before you reach 300k Angus I have recently passed the 150k mark on your old e500. Engine definitely feels good for the same again!
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    Best independent Merc garage?

    Steve at Avantgarde is fantastic. I would highly recommend him. I wont go anywhere else. he usually has a couple of SLRs in for servicing which are nice to drool over when dropping off your car as an added bonus....
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    Car sales from the forum....

    I always try to buy cars from an enthusiast forum and it has served me well. Current s211 e500 bought from forum member LondonScottish here and was a pleasure. Same for my mx5 purchase that I did through the mx5 owners club. I think the problem comes for more expensive purchases such as your...
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    W124 E36 AMG MOT pass

    Good news. I still miss mine!
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    E500 - Back from France

    I find the 211 quieter than I expected but quite like it that way. I think I must be getting old!
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    E500 - Back from France

    Do they really need any more power? I don't think it is in keeping with the q-character of the car. An E55/63 is what you need if you want more performance.
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    E500 - Back from France

    Here is the data card for my car looks like U16 is the option code and it has it from new 1: Fuel cell 1: Electric motor 1: SA code 205B - OWNERS MANUAL AND SERVICE RECORD - ENGLISH 213 - SPEED-SENSITIVE POWER STEERING/VARIO STEERING 220 - PARKTRONIC SYSTEM (PTS) 221B - SIGN...
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    E500 - Back from France

    I might look for a used one then. This would be very useful for me. In fact From memory I think it is on the data sheet from the VIN but must have been removed at some point
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    E500 - Back from France

    It is a generic fire extinguisher and yes the first aid kit is in the passenger seat cubby hole. Thanks all for the useful info Especially regarding the SBC which is reassuring
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    E500 - Back from France

    Ok so SBC now on the to do list. The storage issue is for hi vis vests, de-icers, torch etc. This is because the underfloor area has the 7 seats in mine. Also big subwoofer type thing for the HK system in boot. I just need a bit of side netting or similar to stop things rolling around. So...
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    E500 - Back from France

    More e500 musings So far I like: Effortless torque, build quality, seats. In fact I really like the seats. I wasn't sure about the dynamic seats at first but I now have them on as a default. SBC braking and hold function are very impressive. The tech is surprisingly good despite its age...
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    E500 - Back from France

    Glad to hear you had a good trip and enjoyed the new car. Look after it I want it when you are done with it! I have been racking up the miles in your old e500 and starting to get to know the car much better. They really are very capable and I am very pleased with it. We did a lot of family...
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    Independent in Bristol

    Avantgarde Automotive Clevedon Massive thanks to Steve and the team at avantgarde. I havent had a merc for a few years so hadn't been to his new gaff but dropped in unannounced yesterday with a noisy suspension on my newly purchased s211 E500. I have a family reunion in London tomorrow and...
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    S212 E500 Avantgarde on Autotrader

    I have the reverse problem. My new roof bars are mahoosive. Lots of room for carrying surfboards etc but they don't look great when it is unladen. Makes the car look like a builders transport. I will not be leaving them on between trips as it really detracts from the lines of the car. Hope...
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    Recommendations please: roofbars for S211?

    The house is like the Forth Road Bridge and will never be finished I am resigned to that. The MX5 hmmmmm. Bought in haste as a stopgap. I broke every rule of purchasing and is not really worth ploughing more money into as has been unloved for a long time. With that in mind I am hoping to...
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