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  1. Madferrit

    Happy Birthday Madferrit

    Thanks guys, haven't been around a while, (bad health cough cough).. but had a good day with the wife n kids :)
  2. Madferrit

    So today I bought...

    Sweet looking car Mambo, suprisingly good taste for a former merc owner :)
  3. Madferrit

    Happy Birthday Rose Chap

    Happy Birthday .. have you have a fab day!
  4. Madferrit

    SAAB....not just a Vauxhall ;)

    Yet to drive one.. and have been tempted a few times.. but i wish they would change their design.. the 900 seems to have existed since the ice age.. with subtle changes every so often :)
  5. Madferrit

    Does the world owe you a living?

    The problem today is that people want to achieve (or have that sense of achievment) without the struggle. This is just "chugging (charity mugging)" gone one step too far!
  6. Madferrit

    New Look? What do you think.

    I was being nice, but now that you mention it :D :devil:
  7. Madferrit

    New Look? What do you think.

    The extra pics only enhance my decision.. Go for It! Out of curiousity.. is that standard primer colour? Looks a little different to me
  8. Madferrit

    New Look? What do you think.

    Definately YES! Any more pics from different angles?
  9. Madferrit

    im back!

    Firstly, Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Damn how you get away with that! I only drop the Mrs off 10 miles away and she's always back a few hours later :devil: Good to see you back :)
  10. Madferrit


    If i remember rightly, when Jamiroquai got banned in the UK he went to France, passed his test and was legally allowed to drive in the UK again with his french licence. Just hope it doesn't go down that route, but as mentioned, specialist advice is best sought.
  11. Madferrit

    Auxillary Heater

    ROBERT I. EBER Attorney and Counselor at Law 828 South Broadway - Suite 300 Tarrytown, New York 10591-6650 You sure? ;) Reminds me of the Simpsons with the lawyer who is part time Shoe Repair :)
  12. Madferrit

    What Stereo?

    MP3 - I'm not clued up if stereos are capable of taking DVD's or not, but the concept definately sounds better, and in my opinion would be a lot easier that taking a hard drive out to connect to your pc. As for CD's with MP3's on them, yes you're right its as simple as loading your CD up with...
  13. Madferrit

    Derren Brown: The Heist

    Not that i'm aware of.. this would have passed me by had it not been for the good ol' wireless radio.. well internet radio at least! If anything comes up, i'll be sure to post :)
  14. Madferrit

    My wife says

  15. Madferrit

    What Stereo?

    Have you looked down the MP3 route? For around £100 you can probably get a decent CD/Radio/MP3 unit. I'm sure others will guide you to something more specific :)
  16. Madferrit

    mobile phone networks

    I guess only number of Antenna etc would be the only plus point over each network?
  17. Madferrit

    Derren Brown: The Heist

    I missed it last night.. and a lot of the radio shows were talking about it today. Many people saying its some of the best tv for ages... So, if you, like me, missed it yesterday.. you can watch it again on E4 tomorrow night. Friday 6th January 21:00 Derren Brown: The Heist The...
  18. Madferrit

    mobile phone networks

    I'm not that technically knowledgable on all this but i was under the impression that Voda&O2 used the same channel or something, and TMob&Orange shared their channel? I started with TMobi.. couldn't move heaven or hell to make a call and was told to switch to Orange.. after suffering the...
  19. Madferrit

    If you think your car's low.......

    So that'll be 90% of Wembley then :D Will have to see the beast again soon, keep up the good work :)
  20. Madferrit

    Which other law would you break or routinely flout?

    :D i think you have time for a loo break too before the sequel starts
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