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    Aps dvd for comand ver 4.1

    Hi, Just sold my E class and found the old DVD that I replaced with the 2008 version. Came from my 55 plate (sept 05) car and has a Merc part no. of A2118278159 is version no. 4.1 for Europe. Not sure if this is of any use to anyone? Cheers, Jason.
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    e320 cdi est 55 plate bargain!!!!

    hi all, due to job change my car must sadly go. will provide fulll details and pics for anyone interested. it has massive spec and to my knowledge the only things missing are distronic, 4 zone aircon, and amg alloys. briefly, fsh, lovely condition, tiptronic, full anthricite leather...
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    s211 3rd row lower window seal (estate)

    hi all, my rear quarter light lower window trim has been stolen! strange thing to steal but there you are. i ordered the new trim from mb and it doesnt come with the clips to secure it back to the bodywork and mb dont list them as a spare. they suspect they must come with the glass...
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    sat nav update disk question

    hi, took the plunge and bought the v8 update dvd for my sat nav. i hear you can get the display to show miles to go and eta without pressing info? can anyone tell me how? also the screen now shows yellow and red cars indicating traffic jams where it didnt do this before.....are there any...
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    hf bluetooth driving me mad!!

    hi, can anyone help? I am at my wits end with my bluetooth hf cradle. It connects up ok about 90% of the time, the rest of the time i haveto turn the bluetooth off then on to get it to connect. But most infuriating is the constant loss off connection during calls. it will drop most calls...
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    SAM question

    hi, does anyone know if changing the side light lamps on my s211 would cause the sam unit to fail or cause any problems? recently changed the w5w side lights for super white ones to match the xenons and the next day the ac unit went down which turns out to be a sam failure. many thanks
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    ventilation died

    only been a proud owner for 2 weeks and its died!:eek: had the mercedes customer service vehicle out who pugged in to my car and was unable to cure it. looks like the whole ac and vent system at top of dash is dead and needs a complete replacement. is this exceptional or is this a common...
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    bluetooth phone kit

    hi, got the b67875877 (hfp) cradle adaptor when i collected car the other day. the parts dept said it was compatible with my sony w890i. im not sure this is the case as it is very hit and miss.(works well then drops calls and wont connect.) can anyone confirm that this is indeed compatible...
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    newbie question

    hi, trying to find out exactly what engine my new e320 cdi will have? collecting it wednesday and have just seen that in spring 05 the straight 6 was replaced by a v6. how can i tell which mine will be? it was registered 5th sept 05? any ideas wise people? many thanks
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    Help for new E320cdi owner.

    Hi all, awaiting delivery of E320 cdi registered sept 05 on a 55 plate. can't wait to get it but it has a couple of small bodywork scuffs to be repaired. It has the DVD command and nav and pre wired phone in the centre armrest. need a bit of advice...... want to connect my ericsson w890i...
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