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    2014 W212 Mercedes E63S AMG, Hyacinth Red, 20500 miles

    I'm looking to sell my 2014 W212 E63S AMG. Just putting the feelers out here before I advertise elsewhere. It's Hyacinth red with a grey interior and has done 20500 mainly motorway miles. The car's just been serviced and has 11 months MOT remaining. I had the car re-mapped by Acid at MSL...
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    Is there a re-sale price premium for the E63S over the E63?

    Before I place my car in the classifieds section I thought I'd ask the question. I might be selling my 2014 E63S and wondered what you chaps reckon is a reasonable asking price. It's May '14, Hyacinth red with 19000 miles. Cheers.
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    How much do you reckon I'd get for my E63 S?

    I've got a 2014 E63 S in hyacinth red which has done just under 17000 miles. It's a great car obviously but it just sits on my drive most days as I only use it for the commute to work which given the nature of my job is only three or four times a month at this time of year (good job I'm...
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    E63 grille cover removal advice.

    I've got a couple of large stone chips on the component called the 'grille cover' on the grille of my car (part 9 on the attached pic) and I want to replace it with a new one. Does anyone know if this can be removed without taking off the front bumper? I've seen a video on YouTube where the...
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    E63S brake caliper paint recommendation.

    I recently bought a two year old E63S. I didn't notice when I bought it that a significant area of the red paint on one of the brake calipers has flaked off (see attached pic). I've taken the car to my local dealer (not the one I bought the car from) and they've told me Mercedes don't supply...
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    Dealer refusing to update COMAND map.

    Bought a two year old E63s last week. Prior to collection I asked the dealer to update the map and software on the car. Predictably they didn't. The car is in my local dealer (MB of Bolton) tomorrow for a LSD oil change paid for by the dealer I bought the car off. I asked MB Bolton for the...
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    E63 COMAND update and ECU re-map question.

    I picked up my new car earlier this week and had it re-mapped by MSL (see the E63S AMG Remap & Dyno video posted by Acid yesterday :) ) Typically the dealer didn't update the map or DAB software as requested so it's going in next week to have that done. My question is will updating the...
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    E63 LSD. Need advice before morning.

    Posting this again as I can't edit my other thread title! I'm picking up a 2014 E63 S tomorrow morning having driven a long way to the dealership. The car has what Mercedes term an AMG rear axle limited-slip differential lock fitted as standard. This came with a complimentary oil change at...
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    Handheld for E63? Recommended Re-map.

    Just traded my C63 in for an E63 S. I had a Eurocharged handheld and re-map for the C63 which transformed the car. It was also useful for when the car went to the dealer and I could return it to standard. Is there such a thing for the E63 and if not can anyone recommend a re-map? Cheers.
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    Set of 19" Michelin Pilot Super Sport for sale. Only done around 100 miles.

    I have a set of Michelin Super Sports for sale. I bought them for a set of alloys I intended to fit to my C63. They've only done 100 miles or so as I decided to keep the car on its original wheels. The fronts are 235/35 ZR19 and the rears 265/30 ZR19. Sensible offers only please...
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    C63. Transmission whine from rear nearside.

    My car is a 2014 C63 which has done just under 14000 miles. It's got the 19" multi spoke wheels with 10 mm H&R spacers front and rear with H&R lengthened bolts. I fitted these not long after I bought it to give the car a bit more of an aggressive stance. The spacers and bolts are the size...
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    4 W205 C63S genuine AMG 19" 5 double spoke alloys + black AMG hub caps.

    I have a set of genuine AMG alloys for sale. They are the 19" 5 double spoke wheels which are an option on the W205 C63 and standard, I think, on the C63S. Not sure if they'll fit other W205 C class models. The rim widths are 8.5 and 9.5 with offsets of 38 and 56. The wheels have never been...
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    W204 C63 problem.

    Had my car misbehave a couple of times on the motorway this week and wondered if anyone could shed any light on what might be the problem. I'm driving along with the cruise control set and the ESP warning light comes on with the associated 'inoperative See Owner's Manual' message and also the...
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    Disappointed with my car. Respect to the 335d!

    I have a 2014 C63 saloon with the Eurocharged V5 map. Was minding my own business the other day driving down a certain toll motorway. Having paid at the booth I thought I'd see what my car could do acceleration wise so as I exited I floored it. Coincidentally, next to me a young lad in his...
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    W204 C63 wheel and tyre combination question.

    I'm looking at replacing the wheels on my car and have a query regarding the wheel widths and tyres. Despite searching the internet I've not found a definitive answer yet so I'm hoping one of the resident experts here can help. The AMG alloys I have on my car are 8J front and 9J rear with 235...
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    EPC parts price.

    I subscribed to the online Mercedes EPC. Is it possible to get it to display the price of items or is that for dealer eyes only? Thanks.
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    Mercedes Electronic Parts Catalogue online and WIS.

    I've just subscribed to the online Mercedes Electronic Parts Catalogue(EPC) for a year. I assumed this gave access to the Workshop Information System(WIS) but the tab for it is greyed out on the webpage and I can't access it. Is it accessible with the online EPC or is it unavailable in the...
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    W204 C class headlamp glass replacement.

    I know it's a sealed unit but is it possible to replace just the glass on the headlamp unit. I've noticed a crack in the glass and the dealer has quoted over £700 for a replacement plus an hours labour. The internals of the light are fine. Cheers.
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    Dealer damaged my alloys. Your thoughts please.

    I've just bought a ten month old C63 from a Mercedes dealership. The car has done 6000 miles so was pretty much immaculate when I first went to look at it. It's fitted with the optional 19" multi-spoke alloy wheels. My pet hate is scuffed alloys so I checked them all carefully and they were...
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