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    lug bolt guide

    Hi all, On my W140 there used to be a thing in the toolkit to help mounting wheels on the hub - it was a silver guide that screwed into the hub so you could line the wheel up easily. Trying to find the equiv on the w163 toolkit and cant find out - should there be one? Anyone got a part...
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    w163 folding mirrors

    Can you fold the mirrors while you're driving? Had to get through a tight spot today so wanted to fold the mirrors in to give a bit more room, but they wouldnf fold in -- should they? I've only ever tried it on the ML when parked up, but I used to fold em in the old S class all the time when...
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    w163 bonnet - open to 90 deg?

    On my W140 and W202, I could open the bonnet to (virtually) 90 degrees. I cant see a way to do this on the W163 - is it possible? Thanks!
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    4 x W140 alloys + tyres

    4 x alloys (not great condition but not bad) + michelin primacy tyres 235/60/R16s I think two have approx 13,000 miles on them and two have approx 22,000 Anyone interested in these - theyre taking up space in my garage! Thanks!
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    W163 xenon bulb

    Hi all, Looks like I need to replace the xenon headlight bulb. Manual says its a DS2 35W, but says changing them is not a DIY job?! Never changed a xenon bulb before - is it really any different to changing a halogen lamp? Also, anything I need to know when ordering the bulb - does...
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    W163 headlight bulb

    Hi all, Trying to replace an H7 bulb, but cant figure out how to release the clip to get the bulb out!! Here's a photo - any clues??? Thanks!
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    W163 key - just unlock drivers door?

    Hi all, Just got a W163. The manual says pressing the unlock button once should unlock just the drivers door, then pressing it again does the rest of em. But, it looks like pressing it once opens all the doors. Anyone know how/if I can change the setting? Thanks!
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    Blower on C180 wont stop.....

    Just started up my C180 after its been sitting few months. It started right away but the blower motor wasn't on. Checked the use - it was OK. After running for about 10 minutes, the blower came on, but the 1-5 speed switch has no effect - it always runs at a constant speed. Turned the...
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    Window doesnt know when to stop!

    Just noticed a fault on my W140 - it looks like the drivers window doesnt know when to 'STOP' when it goes up - i.e. it makes a terrible clicking sound until you take your finger off the button! The 'auto' mechanism on the switch (where you press it past the first detent) has also stopped...
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    Boot 'bounces' when closing...

    Noticed yesterday that the boot is now quite hard to close - it needs a real good slam, otherwise it sort of bounces (as if it was locked!) and springs open again. The catch itself looks ok, and its NOT locked. When I slam it, it holds. Any ideas? Thanks!
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    power steering problems - can i use ATF to topup?

    HI All, Over the last two days, my W140 has lost all its power steering fluid and now the steering groans etc. Not sure if its the pump thats gone, or a hose. I've heard you can use ATF instead of power steering fluid - can I top it up with that to drive it to the garage? (I have some of...
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    Loose interior door handles....

    Noticed the interior door handles are a bit loose on my W140 and rattle a bit. Any way to tighten them up? Thanks!
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    will kwikfit fit other peoples tyres?

    Got some tyres on order from mytyres, and wondering whether kwikfit will put them on, as they're only up the road! What do you reckon? :-)
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    battery change on W140

    HI all, I have to change the battery on my W140 tomorrow - anything I should watch out for? I'm expecting to have to reset the windows, the radio, maybe the sunroof - but anything else to be aware of? Thanks!!! PS: Car wouldnt start this afternoon after being left for a few days. No idea...
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    Hot brakes on S class!

    Hi all, Drove the car for 10 mile the other day - not particularly hard - when I got out, I could smell burning. Area around drivers rear wheel seemed very hot ( hotter than the others ), and there was a cloud of fine black powder (not smoke). Also there was an almost continual clicking...
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    W140 Boot badge!

    Some kind fellow decided to try and steal the S class's boot badge last night - the mercedes sign one. I guess we are entering the season of goodwill.... :rolleyes: They got as far as snapping the outer circle, leaving just the star attached. So I'll have to get a new badge, but does...
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    W140 springs - how much?

    Hi all, My W140 just failed its MOT, wanting two new front coil springs :-( Any rough ideas how much I'm looking at for the job? Thanks!
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    Blower motor gone - I think!

    Left my W140 at the airport for two weeks, come back to find the blower motor seems to have stopped working! I turn the fan on and on all settings, all i hear it is a very feint, electrical type whine - so I presume its the motor? Any idea how much I'm looking at for a new one? Easy /...
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    W202 Assyst

    Whats the little 'clock' sign mean on the assyst display? Car should be about 4000 miles away from a service, but the last few times I've started it, its flashing up with the clock sign and a number (currently '3' !). Might well have started happening since I changed the battery!!! Thanks!
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    TomTom and Nokia N95

    Anyone tried this combination? It wouldn't let me copy the phone book from the phone to the tomtom - just kept saying the operation wasnt supported by the phone! This is what happens when I try to modernise... :-) Back to my motorola t280 for the time being.. ! Thanks!
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