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    COMAND DVD & Bluetooth Cradle Adaptor

    The E class (W211) goes on Saturday so I am salvaging what bits I can before the day. For Sale : B67875877 Used but very good condition bluetooth telephone adaptor £175+2.50P&P B67823659 DVD COMAND APS 2007 disc, sorry cannot find case just disk, open to offers.
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    I have drank from the tainted chalice today

    Test drove a one year old Audi S4 saloon today. All I can hear are the demons :devil: on my shoulder saying buy,buy. I think I need to lay down in dark room for a while.
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    Can we live with this ???
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    This, I like
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    Anyone been to the Brooklands Musuem ? Whats it like, would a 5 year old enjoy it or get bored ? Thanks
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    Recent Snow Woes

    I was really fed up with not being able to get out of my street with the recent snow and was toying with selling the car to get a 4 wheel drive saloon (not 4x4 tank). Then I found this on an Audi forum, anyone heard or used this before ???
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    Jeremy Clarkson

    Jeremy Clarkson he has an MB, do you think he looks at this forum? Beep once for yes or beep twice for no.
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    Pcp & Gfv

    Hi, I am looking at trading in the MB and the dealer is offering my various financial optiont that I am looking at. I currently own my car outright and for my new car they are suggesting a PCP. Has anyone here had experience of whether the ballon payment or GFV actually meets or execeeds its...
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    Burning Smell Part 2

    Following on from my recent post The car now has what I would describe as a hot water bottle smell when I accelerate, also in the drivers footwell the carperted tunnel that houses the gear stick feels noticible warmer. I am thinking of...
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    Burning Smell

    I have been having a lot of problems with traction and wheel spinning trying to get around the snow in the car and notice a buring smell. Is this coming from the clutch, have I damaged it, do I need to get it checked out ?
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    Snow Driving Tips

    Anyone got any good driving tips for snow ??? I live at the bottom of a small hill and my W211 will not get to the top of it unless the snow/ice has been cleared and there is a good coating of grit taken from the big yellow box on the side of the road sprinkled onto the tarmac.
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    This Will Stir A Sink !!!!
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    New Golf Advert

    I think the new Golf advert is the best TV ad for cars to come out for some time. Shows the Germans still have some humour ;-)
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    MPG Woes

    Dont know whats up with the car (W211 E320CDI) but I am now getting 24mpg on runs around town. Does the cold weather really impact fuel economy or am I just being unlucky ?
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    Network Media Player

    Does anyone on the forum have any tips or suggestions for a good network media player ? I have been looking at both the Popcorn A110 and the TVIX 6500 and dont know where to turn next. Thanks
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    Dont Go Here !!!!!
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    County Motors Crawley

    Has anyone used County Motors in Crawley ? I see from their advertising that they are MB specailists..
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    Scrap price

    Out of interest and with the rising price of raw materials does anyone know how much you get nowadays when you take a car in for scrap ?
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    10 days to go...

    I have only 10 days left before my service plus contact expires and with the changes with MBs view of service contracts I doubt I will be able to get another one. My car has 2500 miles to go before the next C service. Do you think the dealer will service it within the next 10 days so that I...
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    Southern FM

    Why when I pick the car up from the garage has the radio always been retuned into Southern FM !!! Do other folk find that their car radio has been retuned to another local radio station whilst their car is in the hands of the garage ??
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