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    Golf GTI Edition 30

    My brother in law is just about to advertise his Golf. Giving the forum a heads up before the advert goes live. He has owned it from new and it has no stories. Being serviced today (major). His model 3 Tesla has arrived and so genuine reason for sale. I can put you in touch if you are...
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    S211 phone not pairing

    I hope that someone is able to offer some advice I have a 2004 s211 with phone prep. The hand free system has always worked without fault. Now the phone (iPhone 6) will pair with the module in the centre cubby hole but no phone is registered on the comand screen. I have switched off phone/...
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    Recommendations please: roofbars for S211?

    I need to buy some roofbars for my newly acquired s211 ( BTW thanks to Angus from this forum for the fantastic buying experience) and would appreciate any recommendations. I will be carrying surfboards. However I need to get 4 on the roof and so I would like to carry 2 sets of 2 side by side...
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    Peugeot 205 one owner from new

    My mother in law is selling her pug as it seldom gets used now. Any love for these? Very genuine one owner car in lovely condition. Link below. 1994 PEUGEOT 205 JUNIOR BLUE in Excellent Condition, Single Owner | eBay Cheers. Tom
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    My old S124 E36 for sale

    My old E36 estate. I loved this car. If I had space to store it I would consider buying it back. eBay item 181513745424
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    S124 e36 amg

    Due to a change in circumstances and with great regret I am selling my car. I am now going to be covering significantly more miles and together with a whopping mortgage I have taken on I am going to change to something a bit less thirsty. It is difficult to price the car in view of its rarity...
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    Can anyone beat my WBAC valuation?

    Im not selling, but put my s124 E36 through 'we buy any car' valuation for a laugh. I know it is not worth a fortune, but £75??!!
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    W124 E36 estate keep or sell?

    I'm thinking of a change but will I regret selling? I have done over 20k of very enjoyable motoring. It is a very special car for the sort of budget available to me, but I am a serial car changer. This is the longest I have owned a car (2 and a half years) I am thinking of a w211 e55 or 500...
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    Aka$h please empty your message box

    Sorry to put this here but trying to get hold of you re 124 bits you have for sale but your inbox is full. Please pm me. Putting my marker down on the steering wheel. Cheers Tom
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    Cheap sportline 300CE

    eBay item 180863419167. Sorry on phone so can't paste full link.
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    My car has drunk £100,000 in petrol!

    Just done some quick sums. My car has now covered 270k miles. Assuming £1.40/litre and a (conservative) estimate of 18mpg, at current prices my car has had £95, 467 worth of fuel in todays prices!!!
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    Immaculate W123 280CE on M5 yesterday

    Spotted just south of Birmingham. Was it anyone on here? It was stunning and made all of the modern machinery look very ordinary. Brightened up my journey!!
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    my old 124 estate on the bay - ending soon!

    Spotted my old 124 for sale: 1994 MERCEDES E320 ESTATE AUTO BLUE W124 | eBay It has had some welding to the rear subframe in the past but is a good buy at its present price. I spent quite a bit on this sorting out some gearbox and rust issues. Seller was very straightforward to deal with...
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    W124 wood and leather steering wheel

    No replicas please. I would like the real thing. Doesnt have to be pristine. Cheers Tom
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    Just had my car mot. Garage spotted that brake discs and pads were different sizes with pads too large for discs! Fitted discs were wrong part (280mm fitted but should have been 320mm if memory serves me correctly). I looked back through the service history. Pads and discs changed about 3...
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    W124 BBS bodykit going cheap - need to be quick!

    On eBay. Front a bit tired (and no tow eye cover?) but good price. Sorry can't paste link as on mobile at the mo
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    W124 E36 timing chain

    My engine is sounding quite noisy recently but running fine. I wondered whether it is a timing chain tensioner issue, but should I be thinking of changing the chain now I have done 262k? She is due for a service shortly so could get this done at same time but I don't want to spend money getting...
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    E36 engine

    Mercedes E36 C36 AMG 3.6 engine on eBay (end time 30-Mar-11 16:58:59 BST) Niks, its not too late to do that conversion.....
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    Original W124 roof mounted cycle carriers

    Looking for original w124 roof mounted cycle racks. Long shot as I think they are quite scarce, but if anyone has one (or even better two) I would be pleased to take them off your hands :D Tom
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    W107 sl 500 AMG

    1981 MERCEDES AMG 500SL AUTO SILVER 81,758 MILES SUPERB! For Sale on Car And Classic UK Lose the stripes and the American bumpers and there is a rare car going cheap if history can be verified. It has period recaros and looks to be a genuine amg steering wheel so I think it is likely to be...
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