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    Display cluster

    I have no instruments, warning lights, cruise, hold function etc but car drives well otherwise. The dealer has diagnosed a new cluster is needed which is on order. Car is W204 2011 and covered 48000 miles. Anyone else had this happen?
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    Independent MB Specialists

    Can someone please advise me as to what qualifies an MB specialist workshop to call itself that? Do they have to be approved by MB for instance? And if I go to one for a service is it recorded on the MB electronic system or on paper only.
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    Stop Start Consistency

    I like stop start but find it inconsistent in its application. Yes I know it depends on battery charge and temperatures etc. Coming home today 35 miles ambient temperature 16 degrees C, engine temperature 92 degrees and it didnt work when I pulled up at a set of lights. On other occassions when...
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    DPF or something else

    Coming home today I was 16 minutes entering a roundabout from about 200 metres and exiting it. I was still in slow moving traffic for the next section but noticed the car was in a higher gear than necessary, and it would change up manually.It was also jerky when coming to a halt at junctions...
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    CLC 2300 overheating

    My son has a clc cl2300,53 reg with the 1800cc engine. The cooling warning is on but the radiator is full. In slow moving traffic the car will overheat and if it gets too hot it will cut out presumably due to safety feature. It would seem that the fan is not operating. Any advise please and can...
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    cruise control and brakes

    Hello All, Im new to mercedes and have a C200cdi and am very pleased with it, apart from the fuel consumption. Not displeased with it yet as early days and cold weather so will see how the fuel consumption is over a longer period. Can anyone advise if the cruise control which I think is...
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