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    fuel preheater

    1998 202 diesel 2.5 Ive had to bypass my fuel preheater as it was drawing air (not from the unions) can someone tell me whether this unit is serviceable or a sealed unit thanks
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    202 2.5 diesel glowplugs

    Put a set of BERU plugs in last year theyve done 35,000 miles one went last week replaced it with a spare now another gone,time to change the lot think Ill try the Duraterms next has anyone longevity confirmation with these and are the Chromiums any better Standard part no: 0250201038...
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    W202 97 2.5 diesel turbo Glowplug/Relay

    Hi this is my first post here and Ive done a lot of browsing of previous posts but cant find a direct answer If someone could help Ive got no glowplug light on the dash so have checked the relay its got 12 volt feed power from ignition the 5 output pins have 12 volts apart from 1 which...
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