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    HELP: 2014 E63S Brake Caliper Lacquer Peel

    Had the same on my E63S on one of the front calipers. A large section of lacquer had flaked off leaving the exposed part a sort of dull pink. I took the car to a MB dealer who told me it would be over £1000 to replace as it was cosmetic and the warranty doesn't cover wear and tear. I did a...
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    2014 W212 Mercedes E63S AMG, Hyacinth Red, 20500 miles

    Can't find a way of deleting my original post but the car is now sold.
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    2014 W212 Mercedes E63S AMG, Hyacinth Red, 20500 miles

    I'm looking to sell my 2014 W212 E63S AMG. Just putting the feelers out here before I advertise elsewhere. It's Hyacinth red with a grey interior and has done 20500 mainly motorway miles. The car's just been serviced and has 11 months MOT remaining. I had the car re-mapped by Acid at MSL...
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    Is there a re-sale price premium for the E63S over the E63?

    Before I place my car in the classifieds section I thought I'd ask the question. I might be selling my 2014 E63S and wondered what you chaps reckon is a reasonable asking price. It's May '14, Hyacinth red with 19000 miles. Cheers.
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    W212 DAB poor reception

    A software update sorted out the terrible reception on my car. It's fine now.
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    New w213 E63s

    It's disappeared from the configurator. Was definitely there last week. Just had a look at prices on and depending on spec you can get 6-7k off at the moment.
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    New w213 E63s

    E63 £77065 E63S £86425 E63S Edition 1 £102120! It's up on the configurator now.
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    How much do you reckon I'd get for my E63 S?

    I've got a 2014 E63 S in hyacinth red which has done just under 17000 miles. It's a great car obviously but it just sits on my drive most days as I only use it for the commute to work which given the nature of my job is only three or four times a month at this time of year (good job I'm...
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    E63 grille cover removal advice.

    I've got a couple of large stone chips on the component called the 'grille cover' on the grille of my car (part 9 on the attached pic) and I want to replace it with a new one. Does anyone know if this can be removed without taking off the front bumper? I've seen a video on YouTube where the...
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    E63S brake caliper paint recommendation.

    Thanks for the advice chaps. I'll give it a go this weekend. Cheers.
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    E63S brake caliper paint recommendation.

    I recently bought a two year old E63S. I didn't notice when I bought it that a significant area of the red paint on one of the brake calipers has flaked off (see attached pic). I've taken the car to my local dealer (not the one I bought the car from) and they've told me Mercedes don't supply...
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    Dealer refusing to update COMAND map.

    Bought a two year old E63s last week. Prior to collection I asked the dealer to update the map and software on the car. Predictably they didn't. The car is in my local dealer (MB of Bolton) tomorrow for a LSD oil change paid for by the dealer I bought the car off. I asked MB Bolton for the...
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    C63 - E63 advise please

    Just bought a 2014 E63s after having a 2014 C63 for eighteen months. Both great cars but I much prefer the E63. I'd find the C63 could seem a little harsh and noisy if I wasn't in the mood. The E63 is a lot more relaxed; a more grown up car. It's also nicer inside which makes the drive home...
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    E63 COMAND update and ECU re-map question.

    Yes that's it.
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    E63 COMAND update and ECU re-map question.

    I picked up my new car earlier this week and had it re-mapped by MSL (see the E63S AMG Remap & Dyno video posted by Acid yesterday :) ) Typically the dealer didn't update the map or DAB software as requested so it's going in next week to have that done. My question is will updating the...
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    E63 LSD. Need advice before morning.

    Posting this again as I can't edit my other thread title! I'm picking up a 2014 E63 S tomorrow morning having driven a long way to the dealership. The car has what Mercedes term an AMG rear axle limited-slip differential lock fitted as standard. This came with a complimentary oil change at...
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    E63 Bi-Turbo Remap & Dyno

    Which re-map was used? Eurocharged, MSL or another? Cheers.
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    Handheld for E63? Recommended Re-map.

    Thanks everyone for the replies. How much is a spare ECU? I couldn't do with the hassle of the re-map being wiped at the dealer and having to have it re- done.
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    Handheld for E63? Recommended Re-map.

    Just traded my C63 in for an E63 S. I had a Eurocharged handheld and re-map for the C63 which transformed the car. It was also useful for when the car went to the dealer and I could return it to standard. Is there such a thing for the E63 and if not can anyone recommend a re-map? Cheers.
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